Link Dump! Brought To You By Bill Lumberg

November 13, 2009 – 1:16 am by Ryan Phillips


Mmmm, yeah.

Brent Celek had a little captain in him, and now no one else can. Thanks buddy – Yahoo!

The fall of A.I. – Randall Simon’s Sausages

Brady Quinn is indeed your starter for Monday vs. the Ravens – Cleveland Frowns

Pacquiao/Mayweather at Cowboys Stadium? – Deuce of Davenport

Manny Pacquiao knocks you out…with his singing – Outside the Boxscore

It’s a simple game in the NFL. You run the ball. You stop the run – i94 Sports

Morgan Newton is gonna get some PT on Saturday – Strait Pinkie

Your college football preview for week 11 – No Guts, No Glory

Four insane tribal sports you may want to try – Gunaxin

Notre Dame preemptively fires Charlie Weis’ replacement – Real Fake Sports

Just to aggravate Phillips again, here’s Will Leitch’s essay on Bill Simmons – Deadspin

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  2. She slept with Lumberg?!?

    By McD on Nov 13, 2009

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