Julianne Hough Picture Brings the Links

November 19, 2009 – 8:26 pm by Ryan Phillips


Julianne Hough is very patriotic. I salute that in more ways than one.

The Sacramento Kings have two players on the what now? – Fansided

That’s right, the guy who couldn’t beat out Matt Flynn is now a Buffalo Bill – Strait Pinkie

Wait, the Jayson Williams trial thing was still going on? – No Guts, No Glory

Brooke Hundley is not a fan of ESPN keeping her stuff. Breakups are hard – Busted Coverage

Get ready to kill yourself. Derek Jeter giving herpes to hanging on vacation with Minka Kelly – NY Post

It’s time for the next great sports commercial character – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

Looking good, Arsenal. Looking good – Sports Crackle Pop

Jason Bay says no to the Sox initial offer, keeps hope alive for signing with Padres and bringing closure to an open wound of McD’s – Sports Illustrated

Basketball’s top 10 funniest moments – Yardbarker

Playing golf in the DMZ between North and South Korea – NESW Sports

Gasol says he’ll play today, so chill out, Phillips – LA Times

I think if the Ku Klux Klan is for your school band playing a song, then your chancellor did the right thing eliminating the song – The Daily Reveille

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