Eric Mangini Isn’t The Popular Kid

November 18, 2009 – 2:07 pm by Ryan Phillips


Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini’s troubles this season are well documented, and virtually everyone agrees that management is actively looking for his replacement after less than a year in charge of the team. The great thing about the Mangini Saga in Cleveland has been the waves of people inside the NFL openly discussing that the guy is a complete moron and how his methods are awful.

Even the greatest running back of all time got in on the action on Tuesday. Jim Brown spoke at a luncheon and implied that Mike Holmgren was currently meeting with Browns’ owner Randy Lerner about taking over the team. Obviously if Holmgren comes in, he’s going to take over the GM role and then become head coach. Rumors persist that Holmgren wants to wait until after the 2009 season to make a decision, but it seems pretty clear he’s coming back to the NFL and that Cleveland will be his chosen spot.

Lerner emailed the News-Herald on Wednesday claiming that he’s sticking with Mangini. But for how long?

Mangini has systematically dismantled the Browns from the inside-out and not made any friends while doing it. He shipped out Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards because he couldn’t get along with either of the enigmatic talents.

On top of all of that, three players have been injured in completely unnecessary situations. Josh Cribbs (arguably the Browns’ best player) was injured during Monday night’s 16-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens when he shouldn’t have even been in the game. On a last second play, Cribbs was blasted by Ravens defensive end Dwan Edwards, injuring his neck and putting him out indefinitely. Before that, practice squad player Keith Grennan ruptured his patellar tendon during an “opportunity drill,” which is an extra session after practice where rookies and practice squad players have the chance to impress coaches by doing extra work. On that same day, running back Jamal Lewis said he thought Mangini was working the team too hard. Earlier in the season, running back James Davis suffered a season-ending shoulder injury in another “opportunity drill” session. It was later reported that the injury occurred while Davis wasn’t wearing pads, while the player who hit him was. Great oversight there coach.

Mangini was also apparently very involved in the ouster of general manager George Kokinis recently, and that caused disgust among other coaches and executives throughout the league. One former co-worker told Yahoo!’s Jason Cole, “He’s all alone on Mangini Island.” Cole says we shouldn’t expect anyone to defend Mangini any time soon.

Throw in the fact that he’s completely mishandled the starting quarterback situation in Cleveland by playing musical chairs with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a firing.

So everybody hates Eric Mangini because he’s an idiot, doesn’t know how to make friends and can’t do anything right. Basically he’s Leopold “Butters” Stotch without the effort to try and be friendly.

Some might say Mangini is more like Cartman, but Charlie Weis already has that one all wrapped up.  No, Mangini is the guy with balls on his chin because he’s not smart enough to figure out how to get them off.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Eric Mangini Isn’t The Popular Kid”

  2. Are there Belicek Disciples that fill in for Stan and Kyle, too?

    I thought Weis was more like Mr. Hanky.

    By MJenks on Nov 18, 2009

  3. A very FAT Mr. Hanky, that is.

    By MJenks on Nov 18, 2009

  4. Nah, Weis’ disposition and penchant for pissing everyone off is a clear Cartman connection.

    But Belichick disciples as South Park characters? You’ve given me a fantastic post idea MJ.

    By Phillips on Nov 18, 2009

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