College Football Link Dump!

November 1, 2009 – 7:40 pm by McD


While I’m waiting for this slow execution that is the Vikings/Packers game so the BCS rankings can come out, I figured I’d link some newspaper and blog reactions to the bigger games of the weekend. Then Dexter is on, and NO ONE bothers me during my stories.

Hey, Indiana fan, did you want a statistic that proves just how pathetic the offense has been in these last two horrible losses? No? Well here you go anyway! Thanks, Terry Hutchens! – Indy Star

Shit, Georgia fan and sportswriter, I could have told you Urban Meyer was a bette coach than Mark Richt when Meyer got hired. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, though it’s no fun when it gets proven again and again if you’re a Georgia fan either. And you don’t often hear sportswriters basically saying the head coach needs to go very often either – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Trojans’ ass-kicking by the numbers – Dr. Saturday

AND Jeremiah Masoli did it with a bum knee. Just thought you should know, Phillips – Oregon Live

So how ARE those amazing USC linebackers doing in the NFL? – Football Outsiders

Even though it was written before the game, nice job by Woody Paige to state the completely obvious. Plus it’s kind of funny to read knowing CU got their asses kicked really badly – Denver Post

Your EDSBS Magazine for week nine – Every Day Should Be Saturday

T.J. Simers is not a fan of UC,LA’s performance this week. And who would be with the head coach and OC not nearly on the same page. For the record, I’m not going to make a habit of linking Simers. His writing style is unbearable – LA Times

Every weakness was exposed for Central Michigan against BC – Morning Sun

The other USC really, really sucked too. Only this one happened against Tennessee. I wonder if Spurrier thought Fulmer was still the head coach down there – The State

Just thought it would be hilarious to link to an article about Zac Robinson by the woman who totally pissed Mike Gundy off – The Oklahoman

Monte Kiffin is, in fact, a defensive genius – ESPN

*Photo courtesy of LA Times

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