Your Week Six College Football Scores

October 10, 2009 – 9:00 am by McD


10 am ET: Morning! Gameday is just starting, and I’m on my way to yet another expecting parents class with the wife. I will, in fact, be very well entertained today, just not with football until 2:45 or so. I’ll be updating all day to see how badly I failed at picking games this week. Try not to laugh too hard. And while you’re killing time, go read my picks for the week (link below). Cheers! — McD

2:51 pm ET: I’m back! And I’m thoroughly disappointed with Auburn’s effort against Arkansas at the moment. Sure, they’ve come back, but wow, way to get your asses kicked, guys. I wonder if Petrino ever got a shot at Chizik and how that turned out. Probably should have been something I looked up BEFORE I made my pick, no?

Anyway, Georgia is down two touchdowns to Tennessee, and my only reaction is FIRE MARK RICHT! SAVE YOURSELVES! FLEE! FLEE!

6:33 pm ET: All Houston had to do was not lose to UTEP last week, but no, they decided they’d be better known as major f*ck-ups. Why do I bring this up? Because I’m bitter. Also because the Cougars still went to Starkville and beat Mississippi State anyway. Douches. F*ck you guys.

7:29 pm ET: I have strong feelings about the IU loss. Read below.

12:14 am ET: Screw it, I’m not waiting for this FSU/Georgia Tech shootout to end. I’m going to bed still pissed off at Indiana and LSU. I’m out.

Record after week five: 57-36, 46-46-1 AS

Week six picks

12 pm ET

(17) Auburn (5-0) at Arkansas (2-2) (+2.5)

Pick: Auburn

Final: Arkansas 44 Auburn 23

Wow did Auburn’s offense forget to show up. Holy cow. Good for Arkansas though. That young team needed this win pretty damn badly. It was always clear that Auburn was a paper tiger, but losing like this has to kill their confidence. I’m totally shocked by this result. I sort of expected it in the Georgia game, even though I picked it the other way, but this? Man.

Record: 57-37, 46-47-1 AS

Boston College (4-1) at (5) Virginia Tech (4-1) (-13.5)

Pick: Virginia Tech wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Virginia Tech 48 BC 14

If not for Tennessee, this would be your unexpected ass kicking of the day. Guess BC was just a little TOO successful for them to be real.

Record: 58-37, 46-48-1 AS

12:21 pm ET

Georgia (3-2) at Tennessee (2-3) (+1.5)

Pick: Georgia

Final: Tennessee 45 Georgia 19

So what does Mark Richt have to do to get fired? It’s clear he’s been out-schemed in conference for a couple of years now. Their defense is getting steadily worse and no one is scared of the Bulldogs. But I guess UGA is fine with being mediocre.

The only thing I should have accounted for when picking this game was the battle of wits taking place between Mark Richt and Monte Kiffin. Did I really think Richt would win that one?

So far I’m 0-3 against the number. Good start to the day.

Record: 58-38, 46-49-1

12:30 pm ET

(15) Oklahoma State (3-1) at Texas A&M (3-1) (Even)

Pick: Oklahoma State

Final: OSU 36 Texas A&M 31

The stats say he dominated, but is it possible to have great stats and not look that good doing it? Because Zac Robinson is definitely that kind of an enigma at quarterback. As you watch OSU’s offense go, there isn’t a moment where Robinson is very efficient, though he generally completes 60% of his passes. He’s known as a running threat, but his stats don’t bear that out this year. And yet the offense is nearly always productive and it’s nearly always because he makes it go. You have to respect that. He needs to throw much more accurately and efficiently, but you have to respect the production.

Record: 59-38, 47-49-1 AS

3:30 pm ET

(13) Oregon (4-1) at UC, LA (3-1) (+3.5)

Before you read this recap, let me just remind you that the last time the Ducks came to the Rose Bowl, these two teams played an all-time crapfest. No fans were physically harmed during the game, but the emotional scars last a lifetime.

Pick: Oregon

Final: Oregon 24 UCLA 10

Well, both offenses sucked again, but Oregon got some plays from special teams and that was pretty much it from UCLA. I think Booter summed it up best when he texted me “UCLA is the most terrible, very bad, no good offense ever.” That just about covers it. As for Oregon, it’s weird that they’ve come to UCLA two consecutive times without their usual starting quarterback and looked like crap both times. Only difference is this time they managed to win.

Record: 60-38, 48-49-1 AS

(3) Alabama (5-0) at (20) Mississippi (3-1) (+5)

Pick: Alabama

Final: Alabama 22 Ole Miss 3

This game featured possibly the worst combined performance by two opposing quarterbacks in recent history. Greg McElroy and especially Jevan Snead were just f*cking awful all game. Leigh Tiffin kicked five field goals, but Mark Ingram’s 36 yard touchdown would have been enough. Holy shit was Snead awful today. Some of that was due to constant pressure from Alabama’s defense, and some is due to just a crappy scheme on the part of Houston Nutt, but mostly, Snead’s mechanics sucked and he lost his head once he got hit a couple of times. Just truly, truly awful. Bad enough that I’m sure he’s going to get asked, “dude, are you okay?” on campus by a total stranger at least once this week. Hang your head in shame.

Record: 61-38, 49-49-1 AS

Wisconsin (5-0) at (9) Ohio State (4-1) (-16)

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover.

Final: Ohio State 31 Wisconsin 13

Without three non-offensive touchdowns, the Buckeyes lose this game 13-10. Just so you know, OSU fans. The Buckeyes only gained 184 total offensive yards to Wisconsin’s 368. Terrelle Pryor was bad again and they got nothing from the running backs once again. This is now officially a pattern for Ohio State. Terrelle Pryor has a long way to go if he wants to be the stud quarterback everyone thought he was. He is not an efficient passer, he is not a true running threat by himself (a la Pat White), and he isn’t getting any help from anyone else on offense. Pryor passed for 85 yards and completed 39 percent of his passes. That’s f*cking terrible! There’s no dancing around that. Tressel can’t create a good scheme for him and Pryor sure as hell isn’t good enough to make the current one work. Ohio State is f*cked unless a lot changes. F*cked.

Record: 62-38, 49-50-1 AS

Indiana (3-2) at Virginia (1-3) (-6.5)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Virginia 47 Indiana 7

Warning: I have nothing to do with IU football, and know nothing of the inner workings of the team. Having said that…

I’ve seen a lot of bad performances on the road. Last year’s blowout loss at Purdue sticks out to me because of how truly awful it was. But nothing, NOTHING has ever been as bad as IU was today. They did everything wrong. They were not prepared to deal with Virginia’s attack. After an opening mistake, the entire offense and defense completely quit and never recovered for the rest of the game. Worst of all, and what makes this loss unforgivable, was that they should have won. I realize it was homecoming and the oddsmakers gave IU nearly a touchdown in the spread, but there is no doubt IU should have won this game. Virginia is a terrible team, IU is just a mediocre to bad team, and this is how IU came out on the road. 47-7. Forty-seven to SEVEN! I will say it now and I hope to be proven wrong the rest of the way: unless it’s a big game, our players lack the mental and testicular fortitude to win games against equal opponents on the road. Our coaches are totally unable to prepare those players either mentally or strategically for games that will be a challenge. Ever since the Michigan scew-job, this team has quit. They seem to believe now that they do not deserve to win and are unable to execute even the most basic defensive plays. This is worse than anything Gerry DiNardo ever did to IU. Pathetic. Bill Lynch is a very good guy, but he should resign while he’s still in the stadium and we need a new coach who will actually prepare our players to compete because clearly our guys don’t respect Lynch because they didn’t play for him at all today. I’m embarrassed to be an IU football fan today. And that’s the first time I’ve said that and truly meant it.

Record: 62-39, 49-51-1 AS

7 pm ET

(4-1) at Oregon State (3-2) (+1)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Oregon State 38 Stanford 28

Jacquizz Rodgers finally came alive, and I can’t believe I didn’t go with my gut with this pick. I’m so pissed off at myself. I’ll just leave it at that.

Record: 62-40, 49-52-1 AS

7:30 pm ET

(10) Texas Christian
(4-0) at Air Force (3-2) (+10)

Pick: TCU

Final: TCU 20 USAFA 17

Apparently, all TCU does is play close games. And you know their defense is good when 17 points by a team that barely throws the ball seems like a lot. I’ll chalk it up to some crappy weather and the whole TCU team knowing that Air Force can’t possibly have a big play on them. All things considered, this kind of random mediocre defensive game will happen on the road. TCU is still undefeated and a real danger to any BCS team they play.

Record: 63-40, 49-53-1 AS

8 pm ET

(22) Georgia Tech
(4-1) at Florida State (2-3) (-3)

Pick: Florida State

Final: Georgia Tech 49 FSU 44

Looks like Bobby Bowden’s pride can get 400 yards in the first half but can’t play defense for even one minute of a game. This would have been a very entertaining shoot out, and the first half was, but FSU completely shut down in the second half and that was pretty much it for them. You have to love an option team getting into, and winning, a shoot out against a spread/pro-style offensive team. It’s bad in Tallahassee these days. Real bad.

But I stand by my post a week ago. Getting rid of Bobby Bowden in any other way than letting him gracefully retire completely of his own accord would be a karmic and public relations disaster for that school. They’d be out of their minds.

I’m really glad I was wrong with this pick.

Record: 63-41, 49-54-1 AS

(4-1) at (12) Iowa (5-0) (-8)

Pick: Michigan

Final: Iowa 30 Michigan 28

I still don’t get how Iowa wins games. Ricky Stanzi isn’t actually good, their best running back is out for the season, and yet they keep on with the winning streak. It’s insane. Tonight, Tate Forcier proved that he’s not ready to manage games and win on the road yet. He was inefficient yet again, and his mistakes cost the Wolverines an easily attainable win. Stanzi did have a good night tonight, and that was pretty much the difference.

You know what’s really going to suck? When Iowa goes down to Ohio State in a couple of weeks, thus giving one of the worst Buckeye teams in Jim Tressel’s tenure the Big Ten title and BCS bowl berth yet again. Get ready to be nationally embarrassed again, Big Ten. And let’s be clear, Iowa is going to get destroyed by whoever they play too, but at least it’ll be some one different than Ohio State.

Record: 63-42, 50-54-1 AS

(1) Florida (5-0) at (4) Louisiana State (5-0) (+7.5)

Go here to read my pick for this game at

Pick: Florida wins but doesn’t cover.

Final: Florida 13 LSU 3

I was headed for an easy correct pick here but Jordan Jefferson and the LSU offense got absolutely nothing done in the second half and here’s why:


Once again, Gary Crowton and Les Miles completely abandoned the run, especially between the tackles, and put the game in the hands of their quarterback who continues to be totally unable to manage a game. I don’t understand their strategy at all. Jefferson looked awful and lost again, as a kid with seven career starts would against a defense of Florida’s caliber. LSU has f*cking Keiland Williams and Charles Scott, and between them, they got 16 carries. In what universe is a team going to control the game by not running the ball behind their huge offensive line with its stud running backs?

This is why Gary Crowton got fired at his two previous jobs. This is why Les Miles had to fluke into his national championship. Neither of them is a smart enough game coach to realize they can play to their strengths and actually win doing it. Florida couldn’t handle that level of physicality when LSU ran up the middle, but did LSU keep pounding Scott and Williams, mixing in some play action? Hell no. They stuck with the finesse and cost themselves the game.

Way to go, guys. You looked like idiots again.

Record after week six: 64-42, 50-55-1 AS

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  1. 2 Responses to “Your Week Six College Football Scores”

  2. It’s amazing how mediocre Tate Forcier looks when he doesn’t have the referees helping him along.

    By Matt J. on Oct 11, 2009

  3. Yes, because it was the Tate Forcier who the refs gave an interception to for Michigan to seal the game against Indiana. Dumbass.

    What’s amazing is how you Indiana fans still bithc about that game like you would’ve won anyway or that it would have saved you from the colossal ass-whooping a crappy Virginia team gave your sorry team this week.

    Change your diapers, quit bitching about refs and get on with your pathetic lives.

    By John Cocktostin on Oct 12, 2009

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