Your Week Five College Football Scores

October 3, 2009 – 9:00 am by McD


Record after week four: 50-28, 39-38-1 AS

Go here to read my week five picks.

10 am ET: Morning. Gameday is just getting started…and I’m with the wife at class for expecting parents. I know, I’m shocked being a blogger didn’t prepare me for fatherhood too. Anyway, lots of good football to watch today, thought I wouldn’t necessarily say that about any of the noon games.

As usual, we’ll be updating through the day, and hopefully partying through the night as IU upsets, nay, destroys Ohio State tonight. Cheers!

5:35 pm ET: Updated through the noon ET games. What a mess the LSU/Georgia game is. Totally unwatchable.

5:55 pm ET: Hey, North Carolina. What the f*ck was that?

12 am ET: Everything but the Houston game is updated. And they’re losing still to UTEP. Yeesh. Oh, and for everyone who said I was nuts for saying Jahvid Best was overrated, well enjoy that stat line from tonight’s ass-kicking by USC. Peace!

12 pm ET

(22) Michigan (4-0) at Michigan State (1-3) (+2)

Pick: Michigan

Final: Michigan State 26 Michigan 20 (OT)

Forcier’s injury seems to have been something of a problem, but the real issue is how State’s offense finally came alive. Well, “alive” is probably a better way to write it. Michigan’s offense just didn’t show up today. There wasn’t very much in the running game, and that means death for Rich-Rod teams. I guess it makes sense that this young Wolverine team would lose on the road since it’s the first hostile game for many key players, but Michigan State was just so bad in previous weeks…it’s…it’s just hard to believe they were good enough today. That’s what in-state rivalries will do to you. Oh, and Rodriguez is 0-2 against MSU now.

Record: 50-29, 39-39-1 AS

The Slab of Bacon/Paul Bunyan’s Axe

Wisconsin (4-0) at Minnesota (3-1) (-2.5)

Pick: Minnesota

Final: Wisconsin 31 Minnesota 28

Charles Scott and Keiland Williams need to watch film of John Clay tearing Minnesota up so they can learn what a dominating ground game looks like. I realize Minny’s defense is baby-soft, but wow.

Record: 50-30, 39-40-1 AS

12:21 pm ET

(3) Alabama (4-0) at Kentucky (2-1) (+17)

Pick: Alabama

Final: Alabama 38 Kentucky 20

Well shit, we didn’t learn anything from this game OR the Florida game against Kentucky. So I guess we still just have to guess UF will beat Alabama again since nothing’s changed. I’m starting to think there’s a whole lot of coaches out there who are just limiting their passing game because they don’t know what to do with it. I know there are plenty of Jonathan Crompton’s out there, but Greg McElroy doesn’t seem to suck, but he just doesn’t get to showcase it much even with Julio Jones running routes. It’s the one flaw in college football: many head coaches are too willing to be truly one-dimensional instead of running a pro-style offense that’s a threat to both throw and pass.

Record: 51-30, 40-40-1 AS

On to the afternoon games….

3:30 pm ET

UC, LA (3-0) at Stanford (3-1) (-5)

Pick: UCLA

Final: Stanford 24 UCLA 16

Okay, so they couldn’t stop Toby Gerhart. It’s crazy to say, but Stanford might finally be a legit threat in the Pac-10. What? No, not to win the conference. Are you crazy? They just might not be a write-off win on everyone’s schedule anymore. I think USC stopped doing that a couple years ago…

Record: 51-31, 40-41-1 AS

(4) LSU (4-0) at (18) Georgia (3-1) (-3)

Go here to read my preview of this game at

Pick: Georgia

Final: LSU 20 Georgia 13

Great, the minute I stop watching a game so boring even Georgia’s fans started booing the Bulldogs’ conservative/crappy play at one point, these two teams start trading TD’s and actually give the fans a little entertainment. Georgia only gained 273 total yards, including 44 yards rushing. But the big news is LSU managed to give one of their running backs more than nine carries! Charles Scott had 19 carries for 95 yards, and while Keiland Williams only had two carries for three yards, the Tigers ran for a respectable amount of yards and ended up winning. It’s not as perfect as it should be, but it’s a major improvement over last week’s pathetic effort against Mississippi State.

Record: 51-32, 40-42-1 AS

Washington (2-2) at Notre Dame (3-1) (-13.5)

Pick: Notre Dame wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Notre Dame 37 Washington 30 (OT)

I realize Steve Sarkisian has done some really impressive things at Washington this year, but this game just proves once again that Notre Dame plays down to almost every team it faces. That’s mostly true because their schedule is unbelievably weak, but also because they’re just not a team that knows how to dominate anyone. I also realize UW beat USC earlier, but they’re still a bad team and Notre Dame has no business going to overtime at home with a team that got throttled by Stanford last week. Even if they win ten games and make a BCS bowl, Weis should still go because his teams are soft and Notre Dame will never be a dominant team with him as their head coach.

Record: 52-32, 41-42-1 AS

Air Force (3-1) at Navy (2-2) (-3.5)

Pick: Air Force

Final: Navy 16 Air Force 13 (OT)

Sure sounds like an exciting game. Lots of old-school running and patriotism and everything, but I didn’t watch a second of this game, so I have no idea what happened.

Record: 52-33, 41-43-1 AS

7 pm ET

(9) Ohio State (3-1) at Indiana (3-1) (+17)

Pick: Ohio State wins but doesn’t cover.

Final: Ohio State 33 Indiana 14

The wife and I were out shopping and then went to see Zombieland (good flick, by the way) so I DVR’d this game and just finished it. I even asked Phillips if it was worth watching from the beginning and he texted me back with a “sure.” Yeah, turns out he just wanted some one else to suffer through the ritual sacrifice along with him. His numbers might have been pretty good, though part of that is because the Buckeyes had the ball so much, but I’m now sure that Terrelle Pryor is overrated. Also, Jim Tressel has no idea what to do with him, though we already knew that from the USC debacle. OSU still sucks.

Record: 53-33, 41-44-1 AS

(21) Mississippi (2-1) at Vanderbilt (2-2) (+9)

Pick: Mississippi

Final: Mississippi 23 Vanderbilt 7

Looks like Houston Nutt and the boys managed to not screw this one up. Jevan Snead sucked again, only completing 56% of his passes and throwing 3 INT’s in the process.  But Vandy couldn’t score as usual, and the Rebels still got a good team rushing effort and three passing TD’s from Snead, so there was never really any doubt. Snead is still your leading vote-getter for the anti-Heisman, going to any college player with huge expectations that were not only totally undeserved, but that player also managed to suck even worse than reasonable. Holy shit was Ole Miss overrated to start the season though. Wow is that embarrassing for the pollsters, wags, and opinion makers.

Record: 54-33, 42-44-1 AS

7:30 pm ET

Texas A&M (3-0) at Arkansas (1-2) (PK)

Pick: Texas A&M

Final: Arkansas 47 Texas A&M 19

Yeesh. That’s all I have to say about my picking Texas A&M in anything. I’m ashamed of myself.

Record: 54-34, 42-45-1 AS

(25) Georgia Tech (3-1) at Mississippi State (2-2) (+5.5)

Pick: Georgia Tech

Final: Georgia Tech 42 MSU 31

Mississippi State gave Tech too many turnovers, and that’s how you lose to an option team. But I’m shocked at how little resistance the Georgia Tech defense put up. Both teams ran for over 200 yards, and there’s no reason MSU should have scored that many points. I’m a little concerned, but I think since Tech was up big for a while, the team may have relaxed a little bit.

Record: 55-34, 43-45-1 AS

7:45 pm ET

Auburn (4-0) at Tennessee (2-2) (-2)

Pick: Auburn

Final: Auburn 26 Tennessee 22

You have to love any “hurry-up” offense that manages to keep the ball and dominate the time of possession. That had to be Monte Kiffin’s strategy because usually Gus Malzahn’s offenses are known for scoring a ton of points and quick strikes. But Auburn kept the ball and didn’t let Tennessee play the only way that they can win. Guess Malzahn wins this chess match…barely.

Record: 56-34, 44-45-1 AS

8 pm ET

(8) Oklahoma (2-1) at (17) The U (2-1) (+7)

Pick: Oklahoma wins but doesn’t cover.

Final: Miami 21 OU 20

Good win for Miami. I didn’t change my pick, and I almost looked smart for it. Landry Jones was about as good as you can expect, but the Sooners couldn’t run the ball, and that was a little surprising. Good for Miami and everything, but this win proves nothing without beating Sam Bradford. I wonder if that kid is re-thinking his decision to pull a Matt Leinart about now. There went their shot at the national title he wanted another shot at. Bad times all around.

Record: 56-35, 45-45-1 AS

(7) Southern California (3-1) at (24) California (3-1) (+4.5)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 30 Cal 3

Fifteen carries, 48 yards, 3.2 YPC, 0 TD. Nice line there, Jahvid. Heisman-worthy, even. I hate to toot my own horn, but beep beep motherf*ckers.

It’s not entirely Best’s fault that he can’t show up in big games. There is literally no one else that opposing defenses have to worry about, so there’s always nine guys near the line on every running down. He just can’t get free. And when he faces a defense as good as USC’s, which also happens to be just as fast and athletic as he is (Taylor Mays DID run him down from behind on a sweep), Best is screwed. Still, he failed to show up in a big game again for the Golden Bears and he has yet to prove he’s anywhere near as good as Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson. Right now, he’s just a good back who isn’t going to win a game by himself for you, can be stopped by a good defense, and is not a 27-carry running back. Kind of a sad thing. He should have gone to USC. Fuck that, he should have gone to Indiana.

Record: 57-35, 46-45-1 AS

9:05 pm ET

(12) Houston (3-0) at Texas-El Paso (1-3) (+17)

Pick: Houston

Final: UTEP 58 Houston 41

Case Keenum had a career night, Houston outgained UTEP by a decent amount, and the Cougars even scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter in a crazy comeback attempt, but none of that could overcome some key mistakes and a defense that was VERY accomodating to the hosts of the night’s festivities. I guess the Houston defense felt like giving the Miners fans something to be happy about beyond just having a good rushing night. What an embarrassing loss and a total disaster for a team that was looking like a real BCS buster.

That said, the squads that are BCS Busters are usually teams that run a major-conference style of offense and have a defense that can actually stop teams. Houston sort of has the first, but definitely not the second. I bet Texas Tech and Oklahoma State feel like assholes now.

Record after week five: 57-36, 46-46-1 AS

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  2. If Chuckles were to stop killing drives with all his trick plays, this game would have been over in the first half.

    Since we love playing DOWN to our competition, maybe they can play up to USC? No? Yeah, I doubt it, too. If ND pulls off an upset, it’ll be because of the players, and not the morons (Cholly and Let’s-Work-On-Blitzing-And-Not-Fundamentals-Like-Tackling Tenuta).

    By MJenks on Oct 5, 2009

  3. Oh, and while you’re tooting your own horn about Best…allow me to toot my horn about UNC one more time.


    By MJenks on Oct 5, 2009

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