Will The Internet Take Down Dick Jauron’s Regime?

October 16, 2009 – 1:41 pm by Ryan Phillips


Following a summer in which the world watched as the internet nearly tore apart Iran’s power structure, we may be seeing the interwebs take down another despotic, ineffective, tyrannical and oppressive regime. Thanks to the power and freedom of the world wide web, Dick Jauron’s time as head coach of the Buffalo Bills may be coming to an end.

ESPN.com’s Tim Graham was forced to watch the Cleveland Browns-Buffalo Bills week five tilt this past Sunday. Following the contest between the nation’s two most accursed sports towns, Graham has called for Jauron’s firing.

Then today comes word of the successful internet campaign of Ryan Abshagen. Abshagen is an 18-year-old Bills fan from Pennsylvania who raised enough money through a Web site to buy ad space on a billboard in Buffalo for a week. Starting on Monday the sign will say “It’s time to clean house, RALPH.” Referring of course to Ralph Wilson, the team’s owner. The billboard will also feature a checklist of Jauron, Tom Modrak (the team’s lead scout) and Vice President of personnel, John Guy.

Jauron has been the head coach in Buffalo since 2006. He has guided the Bills to identical 7-9 records in each of his first three seasons. This year the team is off to a 1-4 start.

For an example of how bad the Bills have been, they lost to the Browns 6-3 on Sunday. Cleveland won the game despite getting just 23 passing yards from starting quarterback Derek Anderson. Anderson completed 2-of-17 passes, had no touchdowns, an interception and finished with a quarterback rating of 15.1. And his team won the game.

The Bills currently lead the NFL in penalty yardage and are 30th in turnover margin (at -6).  That means the team has no discipline, which is the first job of any head coach. Besides that, Jauron has never been successful as a head guy. His career record of 58-81 should speak to that. He’s coach one playoff game (with the Bears) and his team lost. That’s it. How is this guy a head coach in the NFL? This is another example of teams in the league recycling guys who’ve never had major success. Good coordinators don’t necessarily make good head coaches (see: Turner, Norv and Phillips, Wade).

Thanks to the internet, maybe we’ll finally see an end to the brutality in Buffalo. Get out in the streets clad in green and protest people! I’ll meet you on Twitter!

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  2. Losers. And I don’t mean Dick Jauron.

    By LR. on Oct 16, 2009

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