Rudy Jaramillo to the Cubs? Why Yes, That Would be Enjoyable

October 15, 2009 – 11:25 am by admin

rudy-jaramilloThe Major League Baseball playoffs resume tonight with a couple very nice matchups. The Phillies and Dodgers start their NLCS rematch tonight with an interesting lefty matchup of young Clayton Kershaw vs.  recent daddy Cole Hamels.

Then tomorrow we have the series in which everybody outside Yankee Nation (including this guy) roots for the Angels as they continue to rally around Nick Adenhart and play the kind of old school baseball Mike Scioscia loves. Should be a couple of very nice series.

But you know what? It will be a cold day in Fallujah before I let this little bit of Chicago Cubs news gets past us.

The Cubs, of course, missed the playoffs after getting much preseason hype. Most of the reason? Milton Bradley is a giant douche. He won’t be coming back next year in all likelihood.

Another reason? The Cubs offense was terribly inconsistent all year. For a team with a deep lineup (for the National League anyway) they couldn’t score enough runs on a day-to-day basis to bail their pitchers out and win some games. Kind of surprising after the way 2008 went.

But guess what? There’s a solution out there. His name, Rudy Jaramillo.

Yes sir, in the last couple days Jaramillo rejected an offer to return to the Texas Rangers as their hitting coach, a position he’d held for, well, a long time.

The Cubs fired hitting coach Gerald Perry during the year, promoted Von Joshua from Triple-A, then demoted Joshua back down at the end of the year. In other words, they could use a hitting coach and Jaramillo’s reputation in the league is as one of the best.

There is reportedly interest from Chicago — no word yet on how Jaramillo feels.

But I say sign the man up. The Cubs need him. Maybe he can get Alfonso Soriano to look like a legitimate threat in the batter’s box. That would be a novel idea given how much cash is invested in that guy.

Or maybe Jaramillo will just give us Cubs fans another bad reason to be optimistic. Either way, it will work out like it always does.

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  2. Lots of HR’s and lots of K’s.
    You live and you die by them.

    By Carswell on Oct 15, 2009

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