Olivia Munn Topless Picture and Today’s Links

October 29, 2009 – 1:15 am by Ryan Phillips


Signs of a bad team – Sharapova’s Thigh

Gambling on NBA and game 1 of the World Series? Yes, please – Visionary Sports Handicapping Blog

Why you should see a Chicago Blackhawks game – Midwest Sports Fans

I had no idea the Vikings were that NOT valuable – The Victoria Times

They were up 56-0 and went for two? That totally negates the coolness of the behind-the-back-pass. F*ck that school and those coaches – Strait Pinkie

Dez Bryant is done for the year – No Guts, No Glory

Racist high school coach? Sometimes I need a reminder it’s Fall – Bootlegger Sports

Crazy cheerleading moms? See above – Busted Coverage

Oh for the love of Jesus…oh wait, that’s the problem – With Leather

Political wagers that make sense – Pyle of List

Congress gets involved in concussion debate, fails to fix anything – Deadspin

The Redskins are doing a hell of a job with fan relations – Mister Irrelevant

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  1. One Response to “Olivia Munn Topless Picture and Today’s Links”

  2. according to some kid at the game, that behind the back pass only made it 15-0. none the less, its still a dick thing to do in any situation unless the kid has some sort of disease the prevents him from raising his arm above his shoulder

    By Dave on Oct 29, 2009

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