Link Dump! Brought to You By Ohio State Fan

October 2, 2009 – 3:07 pm by McD


Because these creepy, redneck lie-barry customers are descending on Bloomington this weekend for the semi-annual bloodletting that is OSU/IU in football. I know winning this game is beyond our wildest dreams, so let’s just leave it right there. But if we tailgate our asses off, are loud as f*ck in the stadium, and sell that bitch out without OSU fan filling in the gaps, in my book we’re gonna be winners!

Is that Buzz Bissinger on Deadspin? – Deadspin

I’m a fan of this pink gear in the NFL – Strait Pinkie

Nice f*cking putt – With Leather

Wow. America got jobbed – No Guts, No Glory

Zack Greinke for Cy Young – More Hardball

Shawn Chacon is not a good gambler – Las Vegas Sun

Stop saying Matt Forte is the next Rashaan Salaam! – Not Qualified to Comment

Wow this Ted Williams thing just got creepier – NY Daily News

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  2. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I got tickets through IU’s ticket office last week. Plenty of unsold seats=lots of OSU fans. Better luck next year.

    By TheSchnit on Oct 2, 2009

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