Bill Lynch Is The Decider

October 28, 2009 – 6:11 pm by McD


Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass was quoted today as saying fooball coach Bill Lynch will definitely remain for the two years left on his contract and that “contracts need to mean something at Indiana again.”

This ringing endorsement comes on the heels of Lynch saying he doesn’t second-guess any of the calls from last week’s Northwestern game, including the horrendous fourth and one (inside Northwestern’s five yard line) pass out of the Wildcat formation. This was in the second half and Indiana had a lead on the road, mind you. A field goal there would have won the game for the Hoosiers by two points. But no, no reason to second guess there.

This is rapidly deteriorating into a George W. Bush situation inside the football program.

Lynch probably knows he blew that call, but he refuses to admit it. You know, because admitting mistakes worked out so well for President Bush.

His assistants are bungling game plans and consistently getting out-schemed from game to game and even half to half, but Lynch says they’re doing a heckuva job and he couldn’t think of anyone better for the gig.

Did the Hoosiers show yet again they have issues protecting leads? No, says Lynch. This despite letting Michigan’s repeated go-ahead scores in Ann Arbor. And Indiana’s disastrous 19-13 win against Eastern Kentucky, in which the Hoosiers failed to score in the second half and only mustered 19 points despite 326 yards from Ben Chappell.

Will Lynch tweak the defense after giving up so many long plays and 29 first downs to the Wildcats (not to mention 47 points to Virginia, 33 points to Ohio State, and 36 points to Michigan)? Absolutely not. Lynch says the defense also managed “a couple of stops” and the Northwestern offense was pretty good to begin with.

Bill Lynch is in charge, damn it. And if this economy military worldwide reputation football team is going down, it’s going to be his way. He knows this team can win, and he’s got the hands-off approach to prove it.

I give you Bill Lynch: The Decider. May God have mercy on our souls.

But not Fred Glass’s. Contracts can mean something when we win, damn it. I’ll let the fans say it for me. He probably would have kept f*cking Mike Davis around too. Ass.

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