Your Week Two College Football Commentary

September 12, 2009 – 11:43 am by McD


Record after week one: 17-9, 15-10-1 AS

Go here to read the Week two picks.

12:41pm: Afternoon. Just got back from a disastrous softball playoffs in time to watch IU go up 10-0 on Western Michigan. Gotta say one more time, the new stadium renovations look fantastic. And even IU hasn’t been too bad so far.

12:45 pm: Flipping between IU/WMU and Fresno/Wisconsin, though that might change because I haven’t seen the score of the second one yet.

…14-0 Fresno in the second. Nice.

12:51 pm: Just realized I picked Wisconsin to win that game and Fresno to beat the spread. Sh*t. And IU’s stadium looks nice, but the field looks like it’s a dog park during the week. Terrible shape.

1:04 pm: What the hell happened to Colorado last night?

2:19 pm: Still close in the IU game, 20-14 near the end of the third. Tim Hiller’s throws look wobbly and inaccurate, but he’s not playing that badly, so I can’t tell what the hell’s going on. Fresno is still up, though Wisconsin keeps scoring on big plays early in drives. Pat Hill may wanna, you know, focus on recruiting a little more defense to his program. and Central is playing with MSU! Come on, Danny, bring home victory with a side of glory!

2:34 pm: 20-17 IU, 12 to go in the fourth. Gonna go real far out on a limb and say how truly awful the IU offense has been in both second halves of their two games this year…and as I say that Demetrius McCray breaks a big run, though not for a TD. This is all Matt Canada’s fault. Blame Canada!

7:19 pm: Updated again.

12pm ET

(21) North Carolina (1-0) at Connecticut (1-0) (+4.5)

Pick: North Carolina

Final: UNC 12 UConn 10

Not to go all Gordon Ramsey on you, but what the f*ck was that? In UConn’s defense, they lost a bunch of guys, including their quarterback, to injury, but what’s UNC’s excuse? They were down 10-0 heading into the fourth and won on a f*cking safety. A safety! Glad I didn’t watch even a minute of this game even though it was on TV here.

Record: 18-9, 15-11-1 AS

Western Michigan (0-1) at Indiana (1-0) (-1.5)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Indiana 23 WMU 19

Demetrius McCray gets a f*ckload of helmet stickers for his 133 yard performance today. The running game finally showed up, even though IU’s coordinators don’t know what to do with it. Today, it was the passing game that wasn’t very good. It was okay, with Chappel going 18-26 for 185, but no touchdowns and the offense pretty much disappeared in the second half. I’m nonplussed heading into the Toledo game next week. Or is it Akron? No idea. But f*ck it, we’re 2-0.

Record: 19-9, 16-11-1 AS

Central Michigan (0-1) at Michigan State (1-0) (-14.5)

Pick: Michigan State

Final: CMU 29 MSU 27

They did it! CMU beat another major-conference team! Okay, so it was a Big Ten team, not anyone from the SEC, but still! Dan LeFevour came through, and I saw this upset coming…but I chickened out and didn’t take CMU. I outsmarted myself, and I’ve been thinking it over and over and that definitely doesn’t happen very often.  You’re the man today, Dan LeFevour! I’m riding Central Michigan the rest of the season. They have to be the favorites to win the MAC now. Could be some easy money in the future now that they’ve got this monkey off their backs.

Record: 19-10, 16-12-1 AS

Stanford (1-0) at Wake Forest (0-1) (-3)

Pick: Stanford

Final: Wake Forest 24 Stanford 17

I was right that Wake could limit Toby Gerhart, who didn’t score a touchdown or average 5 YPC. But Stanford couldn’t hold the lead on the road, a sign of the inexperience on the Cardinal roster. Riley Skinner was efficient throwing the ball and snuck in the winning TD with a couple seconds left. I’m depressed. I had more faith in Stanford and Jim Harbaugh than that. Alas, they’re still mediocre at best.

Record: 19-11, 16-13-1 AS

Fresno State (1-0) at Wisconsin (1-0) (-8.5)

Pick: Wisconsin wins but Fresno State beats the spread

Final: Wisconsin 34 Fresno State 31 (2OT)

Finally, one I got right. The thing about Pat Hill’s Fresno teams is they aren’t particularly clutch. For all their talk about running the ball and using a major-conference style, so to speak, generally translate to a lot of near-misses and close losses. They need to get better at controlling the game from ahead. What happened to controlling the clock and making sure Wisconsin didn’t have time? Sucks because this upset was a real possibility for the Bulldogs too.

Record: 20-11, 17-13-1 AS

Pittsburgh (1-0) at Buffalo (1-0) (+10.5)

Pick: Pitt wins but Buffalo beats the spread

Final: Pitt 54 Buffalo 27

Wow, that didn’t go well for Buffalo. Looks like they’re a MAC team after all and forgot their defense when they got on the bus to the park today. Yeesh. Shut up, Pitt fan. You’re right, I should have seen this one coming.

Record: 21-11, 17-14-1 AS

3:30pm ET

(23) Notre Dame (1-0) at Michigan (1-0) (+3.5)

Pick: Notre Dame

Final: Michigan 38 Notre Dame 34

Michigan took a huge step forward today. The Irish, well, the Irish and their fans shouldn’t be crushed by this loss. The only reason anyone thought Notre Dame would really win this one and keep rolling was because everyone thought Michigan would be way down again. Turns out Michigan is way better than they were a year ago and Notre Dame lost a tough road game. That’s it. It’s not the end of the world for ND. They’re still good and with one loss, they can cruise into a BCS berth. Well, maybe with two losses since they still have to play USC. Initially, I was happy the Domers lost even though I picked them. But now, I’m just pissed I lost.

Record: 21-12, 17-15-1 AS

Houston (1-0) at (9) Oklahoma State (1-0) (-15)

Pick: Oklahoma State

Final: Houston 45 OSU 35

“I’m gonna kick myself for wussing out if Houston does what I think they’ll do to OSU though. Crap.”

I knew it! I even predicted it in my season preview! Shit! This was a classic letdown game, but I truly believed OSU’s horrible loss would come later on in the season. I had no idea they would just kill their shot at a title right away. Amazingly bad loss by the Cowboys.

OSU fans had to know the defense would be their undoing. Case Keenum torched them for 366 yards and four total touchdowns. And the Cowboys were always going to lose a shootout at some point.

Record: 21-13, 17-16-1 AS

(17) Texas Christian (0-0) at Virginia (0-1) (+11)

Pick: TCU

Final: TCU 30 Virginia 14

Apparently, TCU CAN score some points. And I was right again: 17 points would have done it. Al Groh, you’re fired, buddy. Sorry.

Record: 22-13, 18-16-1 AS

(20) BYU (1-0) at Tulane (0-1) (+17.5)

Pick: BYU

Final: BYU 54 Tulane 3

Domination. No letdown. I have absolutely nothing else to say. But take heed of what happened to Oklahoma State, BYU. Don’t end up like they did. And for God’s sake, take your defense seriously.

Record: 23-13, 19-16-1 AS

4pm ET

UC, LA (1-0) at Tennessee (1-0) (-8.5)

Pick: Tennessee wins but UC, LA beats the spread

Final: UCLA 19 Tennessee 15

This wasn’t a freak win at home against a UT team in turmoil like it was last year. This was a win on the road against a UT team that thought it was back. Turns out even Lane Kiffin can’t turn things around all at once. For Neuheisel’s Bruins, well, according to Rahim Moore, they want to “prove UCLA is who UCLA is” whatever that means.

I think this loss is better for Tennessee anyway. After killing Western Kentucky last week, they may have gotten ahead of themselves a little bit. Some players probably thought they could just jump right back into the mix as a national power, but that isn’t happening. They can learn from this a lot more than they could have learned from a win. UCLA, on the other hand, really needed that win to gain confidence in their program. Their confidence was and is much lower than UT’s and to win on the road against a storied SEC squad is huge for them. It gives a team an identity. Who knows? This could still be their last win, but if Slick Rick handles it right, it could spur the Bruins to a pretty good season.

Record: 23-14, 20-16-1 AS

7pm ET

South Carolina (1-0) at (13) Georgia (0-1) (-7)

Pick: South Carolina

Final: Georgia 41 USC 37

Okay, who ordered the shootout? Tough, tough loss for South Carolina. They had a last second play batted down by Rennie Curran because he’s got great reflexes and he watched film of South Carolina running that exact play in that exact situation. The quote about Garcia liking his tight end in that situation is going to eat at Spurrier, the master poker player, because he hates tendencies getting exposed. And that matters so much for the Gamecocks because they aren’t nearly as talented as Spurrier’s old Florida teams. I think it’s great this game was a shootout but still ended close like games between these two always do. I think in a year, SC will be experienced enough to find a way to win this game, but this year, they just weren’t ready.

Record: 23-15, 21-16-1 AS

Vanderbilt (1-0) at (11) Louisiana State (1-0) (-14.5)

Go here for my LSU/Vandy preview at

Pick: LSU

Final: LSU 23 Vandy 9

BAM! Keiland Williams was huge, Charles Scott wasn’t and LSU won close-ish. What’s crazy is this game was played in the rain, which should have made it a Scott specialty. But Keiland Williams may have just had a breakout game, which breaks my heart. I always knew he was this good, but now we’re closer to everyone else knowing. Even Les Miles seemed to have figured it out in the post-game presser, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to run Scott into the ground next week instead.

Record: 24-15, 21-17-1 AS

Air Force (1-0) at Minnesota (1-0) (-3.5)

Pick: Minnesota

Final: Minnesota 20 Air Force 13

Eric Decker was nice. The new stadium was nice. Minny still nearly lost to a service academy. I’m done.

Record: 25-15, 22-17-1 AS

8pm ET

(4) Southern California (1-0) at (6) Ohio State (1-0) (+4.5)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 18 OSU 15

This might just be known as “The Drive” a couple of years from now depending on how Matt Barkley plays the rest of this year. Sucks for Aaron Corp because even though he was hurt, there’s no way the freshman is coming out now. This was not a pretty game. Barkley wasn’t perfect, in fact he wasn’t even mediocre for most of the game. But the offense got the job done the one time it mattered, and that’s all that matters when the papers go to print.

As for Ohio State, they should be truly, truly worried about their offense. The defense did an excellent job limiting the Trojan offense, but Ohio State can’t move the ball. USC’s defense is good, but where the hell is Terrelle Pryor?

I know he’s only a sophomore, but it’s time to call the kid out. He was terrible throwing the ball, he only averaged 3.6 yards per carry, and the offense got absolutely nothing done. The entire OSU scheme is predicated on his making plays, and you can count all of them on one hand thus far in Pryor’s career as OSU’s starting quarterback. I’m very, very unimpressed.

Record: 26-15, 22-18-1 AS

10:15pm ET

Purdue (1-0) at (16) Oregon (0-1) (-12)

Pick: Purdue

Final: Oregon 38 Purdue 36

Purdue ran a hell of a play to get the touchdown that allowed them to fail on the two-point conversion that would have tied it. The end around pass was a genius call…because it worked. Also, all the receiver had to do on the conversion attempt was not pick his f*cking feet up and he would have had the win, but he did, probably as a reflex, and that was it for Purdue on the road, at night, in Autzen Stadium. Nice work by both teams. This was a very entertaining game, which I just watched this morning, and both teams really should come out of it feeling a lot better about their prospects for the season. The Big Ten needs to watch the hell out for Purdue now. They can run the ball very, very well.

Record after week two: 26-16, 23-18-1 AS

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  1. 4 Responses to “Your Week Two College Football Commentary”

  2. Yeah, that Colorado State win was looking pretty nice last week. Now, not so much.

    By Ace on Sep 12, 2009

  3. I mentioned a while ago that UNC is not the awe-inspiring team that everyone wants to claim they are.

    That being said, they got a W today, and my team laid a huge turd on the ground for a game that they should have won going away.

    By Matt J. on Sep 12, 2009

  4. LSU needs to step it up. they played like a Big Ten team last night (if Big Ten teams knew how to win).

    By gallier on Sep 13, 2009

  5. To be fair to LSU, they were playing in Big Ten weather, which, I might add, let my boy Keiland Williams have a coming out party that wasn’t spoiled by rain.

    Matt, you were right about UNC too. that offense looks terrible now that I’ve had a chance to see the game.

    By McD on Sep 13, 2009

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