Your Week Three College Football Commentary

September 19, 2009 – 8:01 am by McD


Go here for my week 3 Picks.

Final: Boise State 51 Fresno State 34.

VERY entertaining Friday night game. As summarized by Phillips, pretty much the whole game went like this: “It’s like run into the line, run into the line, short pass for a first down, run into the line, long touchdown. All night.” The announcers were even throwing out references to the late-eighties, early nineties WAC. You know, the last time BYU was a national power and Marshall Faulk sold an entire generation, including Booter, Phillips, and myself, on college football at SDSU.

There were 989 yards of total offense, including 620 rushing yards combined, in Fresno Friday night. There were also three or four un-called helmet-to-helmet penalties even though that was supposed to be a point of emphasis for college officials in 2009. Some one is gonna need to buy Boise some defense before the end of the year. I’m shocked and appalled at their tackling and gap control. You’d think they’re Indiana or something. I expect that shit from Fresno and IU, but Boise? Let’s just say I’m not mad, just disappointed.

Record after Friday’s BSU/FSU game: 27-16, 24-18-1 AS

9 am: Gameday is on in an hour, and I’m not gonna be up for another two, but hey, good morning! Remember, there isn’t a damn thing worth watching at noon unless you went to one of the schools playing. Three-thirty is when the fun starts and when I’ll have regained all my faculties.

SO, while you’re killing time, go read my picks again and bask in my “genius.” See you during and after the Cal/Minny game. Cheers!

1:25 pm: It’s halftime for the noon games and the only upset in the making seems to be Northern Illinois being up 21-7 on Purdue at the half. Minnesota is getting shellacked by Cal, and that game is more of a blow out than the score indicates. Otherwise, it’s a pretty non-descript set of noon games, so I’m going to Wal-Mart.

1:27 pm: Aaaaand Minnesota just cut it to a one touchdown game just before halftime. That Eric Decker kid can play a little. But then there’s this article about Minnesota’s new policy toward drunken fans. Apparently, the very misleadingly named “show and blow” policy has worked really well for Wisconsin, so Minny thought they’d give it a shot. Is it a coincidence that this policy happens at the two Big Ten schools that most require drinking to make their sports enjoyable? I think not…

1:41 pm: My beloved Newcastle United have managed to get back to second place in the Championship with yet another win, this time 3-1 against Plymouth Argyle. Okay, so it’s not exactly like beating Manchester United, but a win’s a win and we need back into the Premier League next year. Newcastle is now 6-1-1 on the season and just a point shy of West Brom for first place. Long way to go, but this is how it should be the entirety of the season for the Mags.

3:35 pm: Updated through the Minnesota game. Can’t believe Purdue lost to Northern Illinois. Wait, yes I can. Purdue sucks and is completely deflated after losing to a crap Oregon team last week. On a side note, Akron’s new stadium looks nice.

12pm ET

(8) California (2-0) at Minnesota (2-0) (+13.5)

Pick: Cal wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Cal 35 Minnesota 21

I’d like to say Minnesota played well to stay close for most of the game, but they didn’t. Cal just wasn’t very good until the fourth quarter when Jahvid Best scored his fourth and fifth touchdowns. The Bears are a truly one-dimensional team. Problem for their opponents is that it’s a hell of a dimension. Jahvid Best had 26 carries for 132 yards and 5 TD. So, um, yeah that’s pretty freaking good. He’s gotta be your Heisman front-runner so far, especially since Colt McCoy hasn’t played yet today and Best was nothing short of Cal’s entire team again. But what’s craziest is, watching the game, I thought he’d end up with more yards than that. Five yards per carry seems really, really small given how many huge runs he had. Really weird game.

Record: 28-16, 24-19-1 AS

And now for IU to not crap the bed at Akron’s new stadium. Although I’d be for some celebratory defecation should the Hoosiers win.

All updates for the rest of day are after the jump…

5:27 pm: Matt Canada is at it again with IU’s offense, calling the same plays consecutively and choking out a lot of potential production from the offense. You know, nice little Saturday. Aaron Corp looks like crap in Washington and the Huskies are playing with eight and sometimes nine guys in the box just to stop USC’s running backs and make Corp win it. Barkley pulled it off last week, but UW’s D is way, way worse-er than Ohio State’s. Even though the refs are out of control, I’m embarrassed for Trojan Nation at the moment.

3:30pm ET

Tennessee (1-1) at (1) Florida (2-0) (-29.5)

Pick: Florida

Final: Florida 23 Tennessee 13

Florida wasn’t particularly great on offense, but that might be because of the game plan Florida had. Tennessee made it a ball-control game and Florida realized it wasn’t going to be able to score quickly all day, so they let Tebow run the ball a bunch and had the defense make sure Tennessee couldn’t score enough. Which, of course, they couldn’t because Crompton sucks and the running backs can’t do it by themselves. So while Sarkisian got his program a major win, Tennessee at least took a couple steps forward today, though their weaknesses are obvious still.

Record: 29-16, 24-20-1 AS

Michigan State (1-1) at Notre Dame (1-1) (-10)

Pick: Notre Dame

Final: Notre Dame 33 Michigan State 30

This must-win game was all about exorcising demons for Notre Dame, and while it was fun to watch them struggle, and Michigan State had the ball at the end of the game with a shot at winning or at least tying, I’m not all that shocked the Spartans couldn’t win it. I can’t believe how many yards MSU threw for though. Cousins threw for 301 yards? How the hell did that happen, Notre Dame?

So yes, the ND offense looked good and came back to get the team the win, but their defense is still a mess and needs to get better in a hurry. Hell, even crap-ass Purdue could expose them next week.

Record: 30-16, 24-21-1 AS

Tulsa (2-0) at (12) Oklahoma (1-1) (-17.5)

Pick: Oklahoma

Final: OU 45 Tulsa 0

Okay, so OU shut them out and managed to not make asses of themselves in the process. I bet if Bradford was playing, Stoops wants at least 70 today, but whatever.

Record: 31-16, 25-21-1 AS

(19) Nebraska (2-0) at (13) Virginia Tech (1-1) (-4.5)

Pick: Nebraska

Final: VTU 16 Nebraska 15

I have no idea what happened in this game and I have no idea how Virginia Tech came back. I do know it was unbearable to watch. How could I know that if I didn’t watch a minute of it? Easy. It’s because these two teams were playing.

Record: 31-17, 26-21-1 AS

Trap Game? Naaaaaahhh. Game of the Week

(3) Southern California (2-0) at Washington (1-1) (+20)

Pick: USC

Final: Washington 16 USC 13

Awful, awful effort from the Trojan offense today, which no one totally expected. That unit was supposed to be SC’s strength all season, but the running game disappeared and Aaron Corp was absolutely terrible. This loss isn’t totally on him because of all the fumbles, though. The Trojans did everything you can’t do on the road. They stopped running well and they turned the ball over way too much. The final drive by Washington at the end was basically a given once Washington converted that third down. Credit to Locker and the Huskies for doing what the had to do in an ugly game. I don’t think he’s gonna be friendly Pete Carroll in the locker room after this one. And some one better hid Aaron Corp’s shoelaces and any sharp objects. Terrible. Just terrible.

Record: 31-18, 26-22-1 AS

Indiana (2-0) at Akron (1-1) (-4.5)

Pick: Indiana

Final: Indiana 38 Akron 21

Akron played a miserable third quarter and IU was more or less effective the whole game. Guess who’s 3-0, baby! And like I said to Phillips: enjoy it because it might be our last win of the season. Memo to Ben Chappell: get more accurate. Now. Otherwise, I have no complaints from this game. Finally, a comfortable win when we should have one. Whew.

Record: 32-18, 27-22-1 AS

(18) Utah (2-0) at Oregon (1-1) (-5)

Pick: Oregon wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Oregon 31 Utah 24

It was gonna happen sooner or later for Utah, but in a mistake filled game by Oregon? I’m a bit surprised. But without those Oregon mistakes, Utah is never in this game in the first place. Losing their playmakers made too much of a difference on that offense. I’m shocked that Oregon managed to keep it together. They’re such a mess as a team still, but this is now two good, close wins in a row for the Ducks. One week, they’re gonna turn the corner, either for the bad or the good.

Record: 33-18, 27-23-1 AS

5pm ET

Nevada (0-1) at Colorado State (2-0) (+3)

Pick: Nevada

Final: Colorado State 35 Nevada 20

Well look what Mountain West team is way better than last year! And what happened to Nevada? I thought they had something for the WAC and their opponents, but apparently when the offense makes mistakes, there’s no way the defense can help them. Oh well. Sorry, Colin Kaepernick. I tried.

Record: 33-19, 27-24-1 AS

Southern Methodist (2-0) at Washington State (0-2) (+6.5)

Pick: SMU

Final: Washington State 30 SMU 27 (OT)

Washington may have beaten USC today and there might be a huge party in Seattle, but this win is a real reason to party in wherever the hell, Washington that Wazzu is. They finally beat a real-live division I-A team that isn’t their in-state rival. Besides, SMU sucks too, so it’s huge that Washington State actually beat some one they had a shot at. Huge. Although now, WSU is just a crappy team. Huh.

Record: 33-20, 27-25-1 AS

6:45pm ET

Best Game of the Night That No One Thinks Is Interesting Game of the Week

(17) Cincinnati (2-0) at Oregon State (2-0) (+1)

Pick: Cincinnati

Final: Cincinnati 28 Oregon State 18

Okay, so it wasn’t a Mike Riley game. Jacquizz Rodgers did not have a good game, and the Beavers were sorely lacking the big play that would keep them with the Bearcats. Alas, the entertaining game I predicted was not to be. I apologize. Tony Pike and the offense looked damn good for Cincy though. I have no idea what will happen in Big East play, but the Bearcats look to be for real.

Record: 34-20, 28-25-1 AS

7pm ET

Florida State (1-1) at (7) BYU (2-0) (-7.5)

Pick: BYU wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Florida State 54 BYU 28

Max Hall threw three interceptions and Christian Ponder was fantastic and the end result was BYU got its ass kicked at home. So this was the weekend for ending the hopes of a couple of would-be BCS Busters. Boise managed to survive, but BYU and Utah both went down. BYU just wasn’t prepared to deal with Florida State’s athleticism, which I find amazing since they did such a good job with Oklahoma. This was the exact kind of game BYU would lose that would screw up their undefeated season, their upset of OU, and their shot at a national title. Boise State, it’s all on you.

Record: 34-21, 29-25-1 AS

7:45pm ET

West Virginia (2-0) at Auburn (2-0) (-7)

Pick: Auburn

Final: Auburn 41 West Virginia 30

I have no idea how WVU got 30 points while having six turnovers. I guess they just never had to punt or something. And let’s not forget, West Virginia had a 21-10 lead at one point. You know what? Whatever. This game was meaningless anyway.

Record: 35-21, 30-25-1 AS

(23) Georgia (1-1) at Arkansas (1-0) (-1.5)

Pick: Arkansas

Final: Georgia 52 Arkansas 41

Gotta love being involved in yet another shootout if you’re Georgia fans. Oh, no, UGA, your defense is just fine. Nothing wrong here at all. Nope. Nothing.

Arkansas can kind of expect this from their defense. That program is still at least a year away from being super-competitive, but you have to like the progress Petrino’s kids are making. I bet the guy that takes over for him after next year is stoked with all the returning talent. Oh, and Ryan Mallett’s arm is freaky-big. He just needs to get a little more accurate and REALLY needs to develop more efficiency. Even though he threw for 400 yards and five touchdowns, he only completed 56% of his passes and wasted quite a few opportunities with bad reads. I don’t know if he’s figured that part out yet. Damn his arm is money though.

Record: 35-22, 30-26-1 AS

8pm ET

Revenge! Game of the Week

Texas Tech (2-0) at (2) Texas (2-0) (-17.5)

Pick: Texas

Final: Texas 34 Texas Tech 24

Tech’s defense actually stepped up to limit Texas to only 34 points. The Longhorns should have gotten way more than that. Still, after USC went down, Texas has to be happy with a win against a team that haunted them for an entire year. Was I super-impressed? No. But they were solid, and that’s all they had to be. Taylor Potts had huge numbers, typical of Tech quarterbacks, but they lost two fumbles and fumbled a total of five times, along with an INT from Potts. When that happens, you’re not beating anyone, let alone Texas. So like I said, 34 points is actually a good result for Tech’s defense.

Record: 36-22, 30-27-1 AS

Late-Nite/Something To Watch At The Bar Game Of The Week

Kansas State (1-1) at UC, LA (2-0) (-12.5)

Pick: UCLA wins but doesn’t cover

Final: UCLA 23 Kansas State 9

Well look at that, Kevin Craft was terrible, but he didn’t sink his team. It’s like he’s all grown up into a bad quarterback instead of a terrible one. Get well soon, Kevin Prince.

Record after week 3: 37-22, 30-28-1 AS

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  2. Another week, another touchdown stolen by the replay.

    Worst of all, Michael Floyd out, probably for the season. A win’s a win, but that’s a loss worse than Michigan.

    By Matt J. on Sep 19, 2009

  3. Apparently, Notre Dame is cursed by a far more powerful spirit than the no talent ghost. That sucks for them.

    By McD on Sep 19, 2009

  4. Yeah, everyone talks about the “luck of the Irish”, and I guess that luck is miserable.

    By Matt J. on Sep 20, 2009

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