Your Week Four College Football Scores

September 26, 2009 – 8:00 am by McD


Record after week 3: 37-22, 30-28-1 AS

9 am: Morning! The family is in town for the weekend, so I’ll probably be updating a little bit less often than usual today. Unless one of my fellow bloggers on this site wants to update once in a while? Huh? Huh? Aww fine, I’ll do it. Anyway, it’s yet another lovely day of college football for your enjoyment (and profit!) and we’ll see you periodically all day. Cheers!

12 pm ET

(22) North Carolina (3-0) at Georgia Tech (2-1) (-2.5)

Pick: Georgia Tech

Final: Georgia Tech 24 UNC 7

I wondered if UNC’s offense would be able to help them out this year. Apparently, they can’t. And the triple option is alive and well in college football! Nesbitt and Dwyer were huge and Tech held the ball for almost 45 minutes. That’s as perfect as it gets for this team. I’m tearing up a little bit here since I just found out the score. Thank God for Tivo though. Revolutionized football for me.

Record: 38-22, 31-28-1 AS

Indiana (3-0) at (23) Michigan (3-0) (-21)

Pick: Michigan wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Michigan 36 Indiana 33

I was right on this pick, but I really shouldn’t have been. IU got totally, completely, and utterly screwed by the officials, who decided they had no idea what “simultaneous possession” means, even after a replay. I don’t care what the rule is, it’s a terrible interpretation they used and it’s an embarrassment to the game. I don’t know if IU would have won, but to take the chance from them like that is appalling. Worse, the game wrap doesn’t even mention this egregious call. I hate everything.

On a side note, the IU offense was fantastic, except in the red zone. I hope we keep running the pistol offense and do more to get efficient in the red zone. If we turned two of those field goals into touchdowns, we win going away. Damn. This one actually hurts, and I can’t think of the last time a loss to Michigan hurt because we should have won. Shit. I even waited until six at night to watch it because my family is in town. Everything sucks and will taint every update from now on…

Record: 39-22, 32-28-1 AS

(7) Louisiana State (3-0) at Mississippi State (2-1) (+12.5)

Pick: LSU…barely.

Final: LSU 30 MSU 26

I could pretend that “barely” means I thought LSU wouldn’t cover, but that’s not what I meant. This inexcusable close game to Mississippi State also features the Tigers’ most lackluster offensive effort of the year, which could be a harbinger of the rest of LSU’s SEC season. Hard to say at this point, but I’d imagine Les Miles isn’t thrilled, especially because his team played so awfully.

No running back or quarterback had double-digit carries, and Mississippi State ran 27 more plays than the Tigers. Not one part of this game was played to LSU’s strengths, and they had to have a goal-line stand to win it. Throwing all those times with a new-ish quarterback and not running the ball very much is a recipe for total, utter disaster. Florida is going to kick the shit out of this team if Miles and Gary Crowton gameplan like this again. It’s the first time this season, and the team made mistakes, but I have to call out the coaches at this point. Their schemes and philosophies have not worked yet this season. They have to re-evaluate or theyre toast.

Record: 40-22, 32-29-1 AS

Fresno State (1-2) at (14) Cincinnati (3-0) (-16.5)

Pick: Cincinnati

Final: Cincinnati 28 Fresno 20

Speaking of sitting on the ball, Fresno State did an even better job than Georgia Tech of not giving the ball away. Problem is, they didn’t score very much either. And their defense isn’t good enough to totally shut down Cincy’s attack. Still, the Bulldogs put together their first respectable performance against 1-A competition of the year. They’re still 1-3 though. Not that a bowl berth is in doubt, since they still play in the WAC and everything.

Record: 41-22, 32-30-1 AS

3:30 pm ET

Illinois (1-1) at (13) Ohio State (2-1) (-14)

Pick: Ohio State

Final: OSU 30 Illinois 0

Face it, the Illini are getting worse each year that Ron Zook is the head coach. The offense sucks and their defense is decent but certainly not good enough to shut down the Buckeyes. This is like an exact repete of what happened at Florida. Worse, he let his team get into a game that played to both of Ohio State’s strengths: running and defense. The Illini should have sold out and stopped the run, forcing Pryor to beat them with his arm, but they didn’t, and Pryor only had to throw 13 times.

Speaking of Terrelle Pryor, is it time to start wondering if he’s actually any good yet? He hasn’t put up impressive numbers at all this year, and the offense looks like crap with him running it unless Herron and Saine are ripping off nine a carry like they were against Illinois. Let me be the first person to openly question Terrelle Pryor’s ability to be a productive, successful quarterback at the college level.

Record: 42-22, 33-30-1 AS

(15) Texas Christian (2-0) at Clemson (2-1) (-3)

Pick: TCU

Final: TCU 14 Clemson 10

Like I said, easy money. And I don’t mean the $1 million Clemson paid TCU for the pleasure of coming to Death Valley and winning. There was no way in hell Clemson was winning this game, even when they had a lead in the fourth quarter. It was destiny. Clemson is a program and a culture incapable of winning games like this. Can’t be done there.

Record: 43-22, 34-30-1 AS

(9) Miami (FL) (2-0) at (11) Virginia Tech (2-1) (-3)

Pick: Miami

Final: Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

The Hurricanes’ young team came into Blacksburg and let Tech play to every one of it’s strengths. That young Miami team isn’t going to beat the Hokies when they turn the ball over and are like a sieve along the offensive line. Jacory Harris was bad today, but no one blocked for him either. It was a total team meltdown by Miami, which I guess I should have seen coming. Oh well.

Oh, and I still think Tyrod Taylor and the Va. Tech offense suck. This team can’t out score a Pop Warner team unless they get four turnovers, one of which needs to be returned for a touchdown or recovered inside the ten yard line. Pathetic.

Record: 43-23, 34-31-1 AS

Arkansas (1-1) at (3) Alabama (3-0) (-17)

Pick: Alabama wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Alabama 35 Arkansas 7

Everything Alabama did in this game was exactly as I said it would be. They confused Mallett and got a bunch of big plays because Arkansas’ defense sucks. Still, next year, if everything develops as it should, I’m taking Arkansas in this game. They’ll be good, just not today. Come back in a year, kid.

Record: 44-23, 35-31-1 AS

(6) California (3-0) at Oregon (2-1) (+6)

Pick: Cal

Final: Oregon 42 Cal 3

Listen, haters, I told you Jahvid Best doesn’t show up in big games and can’t bring his team back when they’re struggling, but did Cal fan want to hear that? Of course not. Kevin Riley was awful, which left Cal with only one option, not that Jeff Tedford is able to think that far ahead. Sixteen carries for Best just isn’t enough in any situation, no matter what the score. He should have had that many in the first half, at least. So maybe it’s not totally Best’s fault he can’t come through in the clutch for Cal, because his coach doesn’t give him the ball enough. Think about how insane that is given how good Jahvid Best is.

Record: 44-24, 35-32-1 AS

6 pm ET

(1) Florida (3-0) at Kentucky (2-0) (+21.5)

Pick: Florida

Final: Florida 41 UK 7

Florida won easily, but who gives a shit because Tim Tebow is hurt and we don’t know exactly how bad or if he’s gonna be okay for the rest of the year. This is easily the biggest possible disaster for Florida. Actually, I’m surprised Tebow hasn’t had multiple concussions given his playing style, but that blow to the head was especially bad, and he had to go to the hospital. Scary night all around.

Record: 45-24, 36-32-1 AS

Colorado State (3-0) at (19) Brigham Young (2-1) (-16)

Pick: BYU

Final: BYU 42 CSU 23

A bounceback win for BYU. Max Hall was solid and Harvey Unga was good. Too bad it was a week late.

Record: 46-24, 37-32-1 AS

7 pm ET

Arizona State (2-0) at (21) Georgia (2-1) (-12)

Pick: Georgia wins but doesn’t cover

Final: Georgia 20 ASU 17

Maybe Joe Cox figured out that he’s not actually as good as he was last week versus Arkansas. Credit to ASU’s defense for keeping this one close because it really shouldn’t have been. Actually, the big deal here is the Georgia defense finally showed up for four full quarters, only allowing 204 total yards to Arizona State. That’s got to be something of a positive heading towards their collision with LSU next week. I’m starting to think there was no way the Bulldogs were totally focused on the Sun Devils. AJ Green was, but the whole team seems to have had one eye on the Tigers.

Record: 47-24, 38-32-1 AS

(8) Boise State (3-0) at Bowling Green (1-2) (+17)

Pick: Boise State

Final: Boise State 49 BGSU 14

Well, at least they got 14 points. I know it’s only Bowling Green, but now that their last non-conference game is over, Boise State is legit. Why? Because the WAC sucks and they’re going to roll through it. Most likely, anyway. Might be two BCS Busters this year.

Record: 48-24, 39-32-1 AS

7:35 pm ET

Arizona (2-1) at Oregon State (2-1) (+2)

Pick: Oregon State

Final: Arizona 37 OSU 32

Welp, that’ll do it for me and the Oregon State bandwagon. Mike Riley loves to screw over San Diego fans so much he can’t even win how he normally wins. Actually, that’s not true. The Beavers lost because they went finesse again, throwing a whole bunch of times and letting Arizona stay in the game…through running? What the hell happened in Corvallis?

Record: 48-25, 39-33-1 AS

8 pm ET

Iowa (3-0) at (5) Penn State (3-0) (-10)

Pick: Penn State

Final: Iowa 21 Penn State 10

Great, Penn State. Just great. You can’t even beat a crap-ass Iowa team and Ohio State can’t even beat the second-worst USC team in Pete Carroll’s tenure. Just great. Way to make the Big Ten look like a bunch of no-talent assholes. Interceptions, fumbles, fumbles returned for touchdowns when all the Lions had to do was fucking play simple, clean football. There was no way in hell Iowa was scoring enough points to win by itself, but Penn State decided to help them out a lot. Fucking embarrasing. At home, no less.

Record: 48-26, 39-34-1 AS

Notre Dame (2-1) at Purdue (1-2) (+7)

Pick: Notre Dame

Final: Notre Dame 24 Purdue 21

It says a lot that Charlie Weis didn’t want Jimmy Clausen to play in the second half because he knew there was no way Notre Dame should be close with Purdue at any point. They were though because Dayne Crist isn’t ready yet and they weren’t very good running the ball again because, drumroll, Notre Dame always plays down to its opponents. Always. Luckily, their opponent sucks so bad there was no way the Irish could sink that low. I’m sick of seeing Purdue quarterbacks with completion percentages under 60. And I’m an Indiana fan! It’s pathetic. What happened to the Boilermakers?

Record: 49-26, 39-35-1 AS

9 pm ET

(24) Washington (2-1) at Stanford (2-1) (-7)

Pick: Washington

Final: Stanford 34 Washington 14

Seems as though Steve Sarkisian just has trouble running offense against Stanford. Guess they really weren’t ready to deal with winning. Three straight would have been just too much for these young Huskies. But wow, 34-14? Jeez. Total meltdown.

I can tell already this season that I’m going to hate how the BCS turns out. Everyone’s losing and playing like shit even at home. This is going to suck.

Record: 49-27, 39-36-1 AS

9:15 pm ET

Texas Tech (2-1) at (17) Houston (2-0) (-1.5)

Pick: Texas Tech

Final: Houston 29 Texas Tech 28

I don’t know what’s more shocking, that Houston actually won or that only 57 total points were scored. I’m a little freaked out by this whole thing. But one thing is certain: Houston is legit too. The rest of their schedule is do-able and they could very easily be undefeated at BCS bowl time. If it’s both them and Boise, I wonder if the BCS will have the balls to pick them both, or if it will continue the top-down class warfare that is college football at the moment.

Record: 49-28, 39-37-1 AS

10:15 pm ET

Washington State (1-2) at (12) Southern California (2-1) (-45)

Pick: USC

Final: USC 27 WSU 6

I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again: this is the second-worst USC team in Pete Carroll’s tenure. I realize it’s being run by new coordinators and a true freshman, but their offense just plain sucks. They can’t even clear running holes. Nebraska managed to run the ball well even when teams had all 11 guys in the box, but USC can’t handle when there’s even eight guys near the line. Barkley looked good again, but I don’t think anyone is going to say USC’s passing offense is a mystery to opponents either. This team has become too simple and conservative the last four years. It’s as though John David Booty’s horribleness made Pete lose all faith in his quarterbacks. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if USC lost to Cal next week. And Cal fucking sucks worse than the Trojans. Terrible. Just terrible.

Record after week four: 50-28, 39-38-1 AS

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  1. 6 Responses to “Your Week Four College Football Scores”

  2. Indiana scores a touchdown off the option. Related news: rumorsandrants just explogasmed.

    By gallier on Sep 26, 2009

  3. Indiana gets hosed on an INT call and loses to Michigan. What’s the opposite of “explogasmed?”

    By BroadStParade on Sep 26, 2009

  4. Yeah, I definitely explogasmed and then got kicked in the taint for it a couple of quarters later. Still hurts to sit down almost 24 hours later.

    By McD on Sep 27, 2009

  5. I could have told you that the Big 10 was full of “no talent assholes.” All you had to do was ask.

    By Booter on Sep 27, 2009

  6. I mean I know that’s the reality of the Big Ten. I just hate it when they make it obvious for everyone else.

    By McD on Sep 27, 2009

  7. Actually, Notre Dame ran the ball down Purdue’s throats throughout the second quarter. Then, of course, Chubs couldn’t think to actually work Crist into a passing offense, and so even the slow-witted coaching staff of Purdue was able to see that, after 17 straight running plays, ND was going to run the ball in the second half, so they made halftime adjustments. Chubs? Not so much. We ran it in the first half, we’ll run it in the second! Wait…we’re going nowhere?

    And, of course, yet another boneheaded holding by Sam Young stalled a drive that was looking promising.

    By MJenks on Sep 28, 2009

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