Why Michael Crabtree Is In No Hurry

September 29, 2009 – 12:47 pm by Ryan Phillips


While the NFL sorts out whether or not the New York Jets tampered with San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree, people continue to speculate why the No. 10 pick from April’s NFL Draft is so set on sitting out the entire 2009 season.

Andrew Brandt of National Football Post has wondered why on Earth Crabtree would turn down roughly $17 million in guaranteed money for a completely uncertain future. The likely answer is that someone related to another NFL team has made subtle hints to the former Texas Tech wideout that if he balks at the 49ers’ offers, he will not end up regretting it. That, is basically the definition of tampering.

Of course we don’t know that this actually happened or if Crabtree and the people representing him are just idiots, but this whole situation just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Especially when you consider how brazen Crabtree has been in his defiance, a trait that would clearly turn off other NFL teams to the talented receiver. As he sits on the sidelines, Crabtree’s value is diminishing by the day. The fact that he doesn’t seem to care has to mean something deeper is going on here.

Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee points out that the 49ers were smart to file tampering chargers against the Jets, because it effectively removed them as a possible destination for Crabtree. If the Jets were to take Crabtree in next year’s draft, everyone would be convinced that they had, in fact, tampered with him.

It also appears that sitting this season so far hasn’t hurt Crabtree too badly. The Sports Business Journal is reporting that he’s made over $750,000 in marketing dollars without even stepping on the field.

We have a feeling that someone did something they weren’t supposed to. We’ll never find out who did it or what actually happened, but there’s no way Crabtree would be acting this way unless he had been told he had a secure spot in the future.

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  1. 7 Responses to “Why Michael Crabtree Is In No Hurry”

  2. A $750K marketing deal? What’s he going to endorse, Pampers? Crabtree is an effing idiot. Sitting out a year will absolutely kill his career. Remember Mike Williams?


    By Hick Flick on Sep 29, 2009

  3. Crabtree might still be reeling from the surgery to repair that Jones fracture. It’s on the outside of his foot where most of his game is, making great cuts. He hasn’t run for anyone, didn’t take part in any of the 49ers camp when Coach Mike yelled at him (making him cry?)and hasn’t made any official statements either. Obviously tampering has taken place given what Deion Sanders, his close confidant said on the NFL Network. Deion is rumored to have been called to league offices this week to talk about those comments. He said that at least 2 teams were willing to pay Crabtree the $40 million he is seeking. Could it be the Jets and maybe the Crabtree hometown favorite Cowboys are the 2nd team? Of course it is!!!

    By Gregory Allen on Sep 29, 2009

  4. I’m tired of y’all blaming the Cowboys for every little thing that’s wrong with your team. We all know them Jets is the bad boys here. Well sure, we might have sent a few Texas feelers towards Michael, but that’s how we are here in Texas. We look out for each other. And sure, maybe we hinted that if Michael didn’t find a home he liked, we’d be a-waiting here with open arms! But that was just talk, you know, Texas talk. Why, if we really wanted Michael, we’d just go explain to the league how important it is for the east coast teams to do well, and the Cowboys in particular. What most of you dimwits don’t realize is how important the Cowboys are to football. But the league understands. Yes sir, the bad uns here is them no-good dirty low-down Jets. Anyway, ya ‘all can expect to see Michael in a spanking new Cowboy jersey pretty soon now. The young man just wants to play football near his momma and his friends. Don’t mess with Texas!

    By viper27 on Sep 30, 2009

  5. Yeeehawwww!

    By Phillips on Sep 30, 2009

  6. If a person cannot decide between $750k for some fleeting endorsement deals that could vaporize at the first sign of legal troubles and character issues, and $17M guaranteed, then maybe he/she should sit out and go back to school to take an economics class or two. At the very least, a class in negotiations would be in order. So no matter from which angle you look at it, Crabtree is taking a huge risk. It might be time for a new agent as well?? If so, I would suggest someone from the Wall Street Golden Parachute Club.

    By twh54 on Sep 30, 2009

  7. I think his cousin screw him up big time by opening his big mouth. The best thing for him to do is speak out and straighten up his PR people.

    His agent his looking out for himself and how much % he will be getting in the end. And that includes his loud mouth cousin.

    By daSHARK79 on Sep 30, 2009

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