Tony Romo’s New Girlfriend, Candice Crawford

September 2, 2009 – 9:17 pm by Ryan Phillips


As everyone is now reporting, Tony Romo has apparently snared yet another hot, famous 20-something blonde. Well, sort of famous. After forays into the nether regions of both Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, Romo is rumored to now be dating 2008 Miss Missouri winner, Candice Crawford.

Miss Crawford was raised in Dallas and attended the University of Missouri before working as a sports reporter for several television stations. She is currently writing for Midwest Sports Fans.

Candice is also the younger sister of some guy named Chace Crawford, who I guess is on a TV show or something. As funny as it might seem, this “Chace” guy (if that is his real name) also happened to date Carrie Underwood. So at least he and Romo will have something to talk discuss at family gatherings.

While we love to hate Romo and his prowess with the ladies, Miss Crawford is pretty hot in an overly done-up, pageant chick sort of way. More photos after the jump.





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    Saifur Rahman Chowdhury

    By Saifur Rahman Chowdhury on Oct 19, 2009

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