Tecmo KO

September 23, 2009 – 12:42 am by Hickey

Trick question:

How do you make Kyle Orton even more awesome?

I know, I know. It doesn’t even seem possible. But some techno genius has done it. Or should I say, Tecmo Genius?

That’s right. Orton’s miracle shoulda-been-an-interception game-winning heave to Brandon Stokley has been reinvented in 8-bit Tecmo Bowl glory.

There are some minor quibbles, of course. Denver actually went for two after the play and missed. Of course, a two-point conversion is a post-Tecmo development, but if they were able to create the thing so accurately you would think missing the PAT would have been an easy part of the equation.

And as much as I enjoy hearing Gus Johnson’s re-creation of the play — seriously, is there any play-by-play guy on earth that was more appropriate for such an absurd play? — hearing the original Tecmo music always soothes the soul.

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  2. so that was that play! cool

    By roundthewaygirl on Sep 23, 2009

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