Talk About An Unbearable Opener

September 14, 2009 – 10:46 am by TheBaker

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Well that sucked. 

First, Jay Cutler goes all Rex Grossman on us, throwing careless pass one after another and now word out of Chicago is that Brian Urlacher is out for the season after having wrist surgery. Not exactly the start of the season I envisioned Sunday night for my beloved Bears.

I’m blaming Peter King for this. No one in their right mind was picking the Bears to reach the Super Bowl besides SI’s football expert. Thanks ass clown. Stick to informing us about your daughter’s softball team instead of making completely ridiculous and jinxing predictions.

I’ll admit, Cutler looked bad. But it was his first taste of the Bears-Packers rivalry in Lambeau with a national audience watching. Couple Cutler’s desire to show the whole NFL why he should be such a big deal and his obvious discomfort with his receiving corps and Sunday night was a recipe for disaster.

But Cutler’s four picks weren’t the worst of it in Chicago’s season opening loss.

At kickoff, the Bears boasted one of the best, if not the best, linebacking corps in the league. Lance Briggs and Urlacher have a combined 10 Pro Bowls between them and the Bears’ new starter at the third backer spot, Pisa Tinoisamoa, had been arguably St. Louis’s best defensive player since the Rams drafted him in 2003.

Tinoisamoa was hurt three minutes into the game and didn’t return. And Urlacher didn’t play a snap in the second half – and now won’t for the rest of the season. The extent of Pisa’s injury hasn’t been leaked, as the team awaits MRI results. But it didn’t look good.

Sure it’s just Week One, and Cutler will get better. (He can’t get much worse.) But losing Urlacher for the season is a devastating blow. No matter how overrated some fans think the 2005 Defensive Player of the Year is, he’s still better than 80 percent of the league’s linebackers and is the heart and soul of the Bears’ D. 

Damn you, Peter King!

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  1. 2 Responses to “Talk About An Unbearable Opener”

  2. I’m always pissed when somebody refers to Peter King as an “ass clown” before I do.

    By LR. on Sep 14, 2009

  3. I was there. It was fucking awful.

    By Cousin Charlie on Sep 14, 2009

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