Slick Rick Doing His Best Not To Get Screwed

September 2, 2009 – 11:39 pm by TheBaker


A lot of people are concerned how Rick Pitino’s recent restaurant-crazy-bird-bang-out will affect recruiting.

Will parents be willing to send their kids to play for such a philanderer?

Never fear Louisville fans. Pitino is resorting to a time-tested philosophy on landing a specific recruiting target.

Marquis Teague is the younger brother of former Wake Forest point guard and 2009 first round draft pick Jeff Teague. Marquis is being recruited by Indiana, Purdue, Kentucky and Louisville, among a host of other suitors.

Oh yeah, and he’s the No. 2 ranked player in the Class of 2011.

It’s long been speculated that Teague to Louisville was a done deal months ago. The kid was just a sophomore last season, but Cardinals assistant Walter McCarty was a frequent visitor to Indianapolis’s Pike High School. Plus, Teague’s father, Shawn, played with Pitino during their days at Boston University.

As an Indiana fan, I had already given up on Teague, who I saw play twice last season. Each time, I convinced myself the Hoosiers would be better without Teague because of his questionable attitude. However, his talent can’t be questioned. He’s elite.

And with all the questions surrounding Pitino and the increased pressure in the Blue Grass State with the teflon man John Calipari cleaning up in recruiting in Lexington, Pitino can’t let Teague get away.

So Pitino hired Shabaka Lands. Lands is an assistant coach at Teague’s Pike High School. Like how that works out? Shabaka, really? I don’t know whether to make a Star Wars wookie joke or an “NBA Jam” quip.

Shit, maybe it’s time for a Tim Floyd joke.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Slick Rick Doing His Best Not To Get Screwed”

  2. Pitino gives scumbags and hypocrites a bad name. I still can’t forget how bad the media treated him on the day Ted Kennedy died.

    By LR. on Sep 3, 2009

  3. Walter McCarty! Evansville’s finest. Nice name drop, I haven’t heard that name since the pre-Garnett/pre-Allen Celtic days.

    By KJ on Sep 3, 2009

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