Makin’ It Rain Blue Bombers

September 1, 2009 – 2:23 pm by TheBaker

winnipegThe news that Adam “Pacman” Jones signed a one-year deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers probably has my great uncle in a tizzy. Why? Because he’s been a Blue Bombers season ticket holder for more than 20 years. 

My grandparents are Canadian. Grandpa born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Grandma born in Regina, Saskatchewan (funny, I was always partial to Saskatoon).  They eventually moved to the States and popped my dad out. But they always kept a lake cottage just north of the Minnesota border on Lake of the Woods on the Ontario-Manitoba provincial boundary. Winnipeg was the nearest big city and my great uncle and his wife lived in Canada’s seventh largest municipality.

At the cottage, I used to drink out of 1988 and 1990 Grey Cup Champion glasses. (They are the franchise’s most recent titles.)

I, myself, have been to Winnipeg Blue Bombers games. Winnipeg Stadium is right next to the Winnipeg Jets old arena, which by my late childhood had been covered with banners for the Manitoba Moose. 

So basically, they’re my squad. And look, The Dalai Lama is even a fan

I already knew that Michael Bishop, Stefan LeFors and Bryan Randall were all in the quarterback mix. Recognizable names for college football fans. Also a Blue Bomber is former Oklahoma State standout Adarius Bowman. Once considered a future first round pick, the receiver ran the forty-time of a lineman, got arrested for pot and went undrafted. 

So imagine my excitement when I heard the phrase “Winnipeg Blue Bombers” on “Sportscenter.” It was like when you hear the word “vagina.” No matter what you’re doing, your attention is automatically diverted. It was soon followed with “Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones.” The phrase “Winnipeg Blue Bombers,” not “vagina,” though I’m sure the two have been paired before.

Truth be told, besides an appearance in the 2007 Grey Cup final, the Blue Bombers haven’t been very good. So an infusion of talent like Pacman’s can’t hurt. Plus, Canada is the land where people flee to stay alive and regroup. And I mean, there’s plenty to do in Winnipeg to keep him occupied and out of trouble. 

But knowing Pacman, he probably won’t hit up Fort Gibraltar or the Western Canadian Aviation Museum.

“Are there even strip clubs in Winnipeg?” my buddy asked me.

There are.

There’s Teasers Burlesque Palace at 611 Archibald Street. And The Gentlemen’s Club at 216 Notre Dame.

And this lovely site has even ranked the city’s top-five. So get ready Sin City Exotic Nightclub. Fun is coming your way.

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