Fantasy Football Sink Or Swim: Week 2

September 18, 2009 – 10:58 am by TheBaker

jessica-simpson-tony-romo-break-upOK, so my Week 1 forecast was a bit of a mixed bag. I had low expectations for Santonio Holmes and he basically pulled his pants down and showed me how wrong I was.

But come on, Santiono and his snake, only had one 100-yard receiving game all last year. How was I to know he’d equal that total in Week 1 against a solid Tennessee defense?

But I’ll do better this week I promise. 


Tony Romo vs. New York Giants. Tony sans-Jessica looked absolutely great in the Cowboys’ season debut against Tampa Bay. Romo threw for 353 yards with three touchdowns of 40 yards or more. Sure it was against the Bucs, who many expect to be among the worst teams in the league this year. But Romo has had success in the past against the Giants, throwing 12 touchdowns in five starts against the G-Men. New York’s secondary is still banged up with starting cornerback Aaron Ross expected to miss the game. 

Aaron Rodgers vs. Cincinnati. The preseason MVP was quiet for much of regular season opener against Chicago. However, owners were saved with a late game-winning touchdown to Greg Jennings. Rodgers finished the game with just 184 yards, but he didn’t turn the ball over despite being constantly under pressure from the Bears’ front four. Cincinnati’s defense won’t scare any, especially after Kyle Orton put up 243 yards and no picks against the Bengals in Week 1. Sure, the Brandon Stokley catch was flukey, but it happened because of undisciplined safety play – namely Roy Williams. Green Bay struggled to hit the big play against Chicago. That shouldn’t be the case versus the Bengals.


Joe Flacco at San Diego. Sure Flacco had his first 300-yard and three-touchdown game of his career last week, but he was playing the Chiefs at home. Quick, name a Kansas City starting cornerback. Didn’t think so. Now, Flacco is headed to San Diego where he can expect to be harassed and hurried much of the game. The Chargers defense was susceptible to the big play in Week 1, but that’s probably because they didn’t think JaMarcus Russell could accurately locate a receiver using the world’s most advanced radar.

Matt Schaub at Tennessee. Houston struggled in the season opener against an aggressive Jets defense. Tennessee had trouble in pass defense versus Pittsburgh last Thursday. So what gives? I’m guessing the Titans’ defense at home comes to play.

Jake Delhomme at Atlanta. Hide the women and children. 


Adrian Peterson at Detroit. Duh. I dare anyone to show me a more impressive touchdown run than this one All Day put on the Browns. Not only did the Lions allow Drew Brees to throw a half dozen touchdowns last week, Detroit let Broncos retread Mike Bell rush for 143 yards. What do you think the league’s best back will do to them?2007_1109_choochoo1

Clinton Portis vs. St. Louis. The Rams gave up 167 rushing yards in their season-opening loss to Seattle. Shit, St. Louis’s D even made Julius Jones look relevant again. Jones finished the game with 117 yards, 62 of those coming on a fourth quarter TD run. Portis didn’t really get going in Week 1, finishing with 62 yards on just 16 carries. Washington’s offense looked pretty bad, but the Rams can improve the outlook of even the most pessimistic Redskins fan. In last year’s meeting between the two teams, Portis ran for 129 yards and two scores. He shouldn’t be far off that on Sunday.

Leon Washington vs. New England. The Jets’ change of pace back, Washington received 19 touches last week and accounted for 84 total yards. Thomas Jones is still entrenched as the starter, but the Jets might try to beat the Patriots at their own game this weekend, dink and dunking all day. This plays right into the strengths of Washington, whose pass-catching and big play ability gives New York a much needed outlet for a rookie quarterback.


Steven Jackson at Washington. A victim of his surroundings, Jackson isn’t getting much help in St. Louis. Now, the beast back has to travel to Washington with the newly minted Albert Haynesworth waiting. Can the Rams be shutout again? I wouldn’t bet against it.

Reggie Bush at Philadelphia. There aren’t too many Saints offensive players I’d recommend to bench, but Bush is the exception. Mr. Ex-Kardashian had just 14 rushing yards on seven carries, though he did add 55 receiving yards to his total. He’s never been the fantasy force many thought he’d be when he was drafted. He’s still got a little bit of an ankle problem and Philly’s D is a vast jump from what the Saints faced in Week 1.

Willie Parker at Chicago. Nineteen yards on 13 carries doesn’t really set the world aflame. Parker struggled all game against the Titans last Thursday and faces another tough defense this week on the road in Chicago. The Bears will be without Brian Urlacher, and Ryan Grant seemed to find more room against Chicago with Urbacker out, but Parker has rushed for less than 50 yards in four of his last five regular season games. Ugh.


Roy Williams vs. New York Giants. Starting cornerback Aaron Ross is likely to miss another week for the Giants, and Williams seemed to strike a better rapport with Tony Romo. An offseason together will do that. Expect Williams to catch more than the three passes he hauled in against Tampa last week, though one was a 66-yard score.

Greg Jennings vs. Cincinnati. As long as Roy Williams, the safety not the above receiver, is playing deep for the Bengals, they’ll be wide open to the big play. Enter Jennings, who just may be the best big play receiver in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers will want to atone for an unspectacular outing against Chicago. 

Larry Fitzgerald at Jacksonville. Indianapolis had one viable receiving option (Reggie Wayne) and the Jags still couldn’t stop him. Fitzgerald is a different type of animal than Wayne, but will most likely have the same success against the young Jags’ secondary.DeSean Jackson


DeSean Jackson vs. New Orleans. Two words: Kevin Kolb. Just hope he gets his hand on a few punts, though playing against the high octane Saints, I’m not sure how many punts you’re going to get.

Torry Holt vs. Arizona. Holt looked old and slow last week. Going against one of the league’s most athletic and explosive corners in Domnique Rodgers-Cromartie won’t help. Plus, the Jaguars’ offensive line struggled to give David Garrard more than three seconds to throw a week ago. 


Dallas Clark at Miami. Prior to Anthony Gonzalez’s leg injury Week 1, Clark was already Peyton Manning’s No. 2 option. With Gonzo out and his replacements named Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon, expect a heavy workload for the Colts tight end.

Visanthe Shiancoe at Detroit. He’s playing the Lions. It seemed to work well for every New Orleans Saint last week.

Zach Miller at Kansas City. Only KC’s defense could make Todd Heap relevant again. The Ravens’ tight end returned to the end zone in Week One and for anyone watching the Raiders-Chargers’ opener, you know Miller is Oakland’s best receiving option. 

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  2. Undisciplined safety play? Really?

    Did Roy fail to show discipline by not telling Leon Hall mid-flight to knock the ball down instead of up? Or should DB’s allow WR’s to make the reception before they converge on the ball? Would that be disciplined safety play?

    By Chad on Sep 18, 2009

  3. jessica simpson snots cowboy blue?

    By roundthewaygirl on Sep 19, 2009

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