Brooklyn Decker Bikini Picture and Today’s Links

September 17, 2009 – 3:20 pm by Ryan Phillips


Phillips tells me we’ve been getting a lot of Google search hits because of Brooklyn Decker…I wonder why…BAM!

That’s gonna burn later – AKA Media

Is Junior Floyd in fact quarterbacking USC at this very moment? – Thunder Treats

The Jewish Jordan has retired…In Israel – Deuce of Davenport

I never really liked Jake Delhomme as a quarterback either – With Leather

I mean, I get it’s Tim Tebow, but why are women doing this? – No Guts, No Glory

Heh, “road beef” – Busted Coverage

That’ll do ‘er for Anthony Gonzalez, fantasy football speculators – Indy Star

Yeah, the Colorado Buffaloes are a mess – Dr. Saturday

Kimbo Slice faces reality – Deadspin

Jermaine Jones doesn’t need a new surgery – Soccer by Ives

Breaking down Georgia Tech/Miami for tonight. Dance break included – Every Day Should Be Saturday

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