Ashley Dupre Picture and Today’s Links

September 3, 2009 – 8:06 pm by Ryan Phillips

Ashley Dupre

Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupre is in the news again, this time for ranting about how most women she encounters are prostitutes in one way or another. Awesome.

Can we add Ricky Rubio to this list? – Thunder Treats

Is this the world’s unluckiest football (soccer) player? – The Spoiler

20 reasons Mets fans have suffered more than anyone – Living With Balls

For love of the game – More Hardball

Kansas’ Morris twins are stronger than you – Ballin’ is a Habit

Heh. That’s dirty – The World of Isaac

Something Something Adam Carolla Podcast – With Leather

Senator Schilling? Jesus I hope not – No Guts, No Glory

College. It’s not even a contest – Sharapova’s Thigh

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