Rachel Nichols Picture and Today’s Links

August 3, 2009 – 1:56 pm by McD


Rachel Nichols (no, not that one) is in the upcoming GI Joe movie, which looks like crap, but hey whatever. I’m sure that suit is tactical and not tight for no reason.

Fedor signed with Strikeforce! Snap! – Fanhouse

I’d like to think it would have been the Padres that would have nixed this deal, but hey, at least Seattle wasn’t stupid enough to trade Felix Hernandez – Seattle Times

Is Kentucky fan sure this isn’t a fake name made up by some bitter IU fans? Not that I’d know anything about that – Strait Pinkie

It’s because they’re bad, not for team unity. Oh, shocker their defense was underwhelming and a Dirk Koetter offense regressed after a year in the system. NOBODY could have seen that coming. Nobody! – No Guts, No Glory

Exactly. Talk to me when the league is legit. That said, if there was an MLS squad anywhere near where I lived, I’d definitely have season tickets – With Leather

And yet 93,000 people showed up at the Rose Bowl to watch Barcelona almost lose to a team that didn’t even make the MLS playoffs – MVN

I bet I know what Matt Stafford’s first major purchase was – Busted Coverage

Ba ba booey – Puck Daddy

I can do this diet any time I want. I don’t have a problem I swear – Tony Blogs

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