Lucy Pinder Picture and Today’s Links

August 12, 2009 – 7:00 pm by McD


Lucy Pinder is a big fan of Southampton’s football team. In honor of “Soccer Day” here on Rumors and Rants, she’s bringing you the links. And the above photo is just about the tamest one we could find of Lucy. Good lass.

That’s a fantastic sign. Stay classy, Ronaldo – The Spoiler

Tom Brady’s Details Magazine interview – Details

Helping out the Ohio State Buckeyes. But why? – Thunder Treats

A small complaint about USA vs. Mexico – I Dislike Your Favorite Team

Relishing in Pitino’s misery – Intentional Foul

Badassery’s name is Adrian Gonzalez – Babes Love Baseball

Next it’ll be slap fights and gossip in the lunch rooms and after school – Pro Football Talk

Your guide to the five UFC champions – Fansided

No way does Barkley win the USC job. No way – LA Times

Better know Tim Tebow’s backup – Fanhouse

I feel your pain, Blue Jays fans – The Star

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