Link Dump! Brought To You By UFC 101 and Kenny Florian’s Awesomeness

August 7, 2009 – 8:50 pm by McD


No disrespect to BJ Penn, but Kenny Florian is the official MMA fighter of Rumors and Rants for a reason. We’ll most definitely be watching the title fight (and Silva/Griffin) on Saturday night…and hopefully gloating on Sunday after Ken-Flo wins hisself the belt.

Dear NFL, please reconsider the banishment of Twitter from NFL games – Sharapova’s Thigh

I vote for Shaun Hill – Blak4est

Well hell, EVERYONE is a potential fantasy bust, but I really doubt Michael Turner is gonna disappoint – Midwest Sports Fans

Isiah Thompson got himself a top recruit – Strait Pinkie

I didn’t say it yet, but RIP John Hughes – Amphibious Sports Duo

The Sawx shoulda traded for Pavano – Waiting for Next Year

When did being an NFL reporter get so lame? – Bootlegger Sports

Yeesh – Busted Coverage

Is this it for Jason Giambi? – Deadspin

That’s right, Rashard Lewis was on the juice – No Guts, No Glory

Maybe it makes the fatties feel bad? –  With Leather

The Padres extended Bud Black – San Diego Padres

Your enemy of the month for August – Thunder Treats

Charles Rogers admits he pulled a Rashaan Salaam – Deuce of Davenport

Finally, enjoy some video of Jared Allen’s crib. I highly recommend watching this –

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