Link Dump! Brought To You By The C-Word

August 25, 2009 – 5:02 pm by McD


Because this photo makes me laugh every time I see it. Soccer fans are the best. And the worst.

A preview of the next episode of “Shaq vs the World” – Waiting for Next Year

A fantasy football draft leading to some one being shot? I would be surprised at this, except it happened in Texas – Busted Coverage

No sports betting in Delaware after all. Soooooo there’s still no reason to ever go there – With Leather

I don’t know who this is, but I like the name “J’Covan” – Ballin’ is a Habit

Philip Rivers got paid. Ya better CAAALLLL SOMEBODAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! – No Guts No Glory

No freaking way – Sports Crackly Pop

No Joy Division? This is clearly not a Jay Cutler playlist – Bronco Talk

13 of the quickets MMA KO’s ever. This was very entertaining (and didn’t take that long!) – In Game Now

Let’s all hate on Steve Phillips – Club Seat Sports

You didn’t forget about the Bears, did you? Not sure that’s possible at this site –  Tremendous Upside Potential

People may not like Simmons’ writing for ESPN, but no one likes Jim Traber, who is every cliche of sports talk radio host guy – Awful Announcing

Jake Peavy’s ever-evolving timeline for return – Mouthpiece Sports

Michael Beasley’s dad says the weed wasn’t Michael’s. He was holding it for a friend. He only tried it once, Mom! I learned it by watching you! – The Big Lead

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  1. 3 Responses to “Link Dump! Brought To You By The C-Word”

  2. As for Delaware, all I can say is “Duty Free Liquor Shops”.

    By MJenks on Aug 26, 2009

  3. That picture is awesome.

    I know it’s against my gender to do so, but I actually kind of like that word…especially when used as an adjective (i.e. You’re being c*nty.)

    By Red on Aug 26, 2009

  4. Yeah, the C-word is fantastic if used properly.

    By Phillips on Aug 26, 2009

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