Link Dump! Brought To You By Stanford Fan

August 26, 2009 – 11:59 pm by McD


Because Stanford fan is still living the dream two years later even though their team is just as atrocious. Now that’s a big win.

Wait, why haven’t the Cowboys moved the scoreboard yet? – Shutdown Corner

Jim Leavitt thinks your own poll sucks – Dr. Saturday

Ohio State is hosting Navy this year. So be classy, you f*cking WT Ohio State fans – Deadspin

RIP Ted Kennedy – Kissing Suzy Kolber

That one Oregon cheerleader might lose her scholarship because she has pictures of her in a bikini. But hell, she’s a cheerleader, they don’t need freaking scholarships anyway – Busted Coverage

Rampage as BA Baracus? – The Sun

Pretty sure this isn’t the way to honor Corey Smith’s life – The World of Isaac

Milton Bradley claims he faces hatred on a daily basis. Well if he wasn’t such an asshat… – Chicago Tribune

Soccer hooliganism is on its way back up! – The Guardian

Frank Mir says Lesnar would destroy Fedor. I tend to agree, if only because Fedor really doesn’t seem to want to fight him – With Leather

Heh. Garden Hoe. Heh – Strait Pinkie

Dale Jr. is still better than ABBA – From the Marbles

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