IU Football Is Expensive

August 26, 2009 – 8:04 pm by McD


Indiana University’s athletic department is now $3 million richer after agreeing to a sweetheart deal with FedEx field in Washington DC. IU agreed to give up its 2010 home game against Penn State so that the game could be played at the home of the Redskins. The November 20, 2010 game is still going to be a “home” game for the Hoosiers, but Washington DC isn’t exactly Bloomington East.

Frankly, I’m pretty happy with the deal. IU just spent a lot of money adding an amazing facility onto Memorial Stadium and, frankly, it needs to get moving on renovating/replacing Assembly Hall too. $3 million doesn’t suck no matter how you slice it.

So, as an Indiana alum and huge IU football fan, why do I feel so dirty? It feels like IU did something bad, but no one is exactly sure what it is. Hmm, maybe it’s because this deal works so well because everyone involved on IU’s end knew for a fact that Indiana fan wouldn’t show up for the game anyway. Quoth AD Fred Glass:

“Sure, it’ll be a different atmosphere, although not necessarily a more negative atmosphere. We think a lot of IU fans are going to be in there. When you have the energy of 90,000 people, that’s pretty exciting.”

Hell yes, it’ll be a different atmosphere. There’ll actually be people in the stands. Instead of a half-empty 50,000 seat stadium, IU and Penn State are gonna play in front of like 75,000 people. Loud people. There are, apparently, 10,000 or so IU alumni in the DC area alone. And though there are 30,000 IU students, no one in B-town can seem to manage to get out of bed to watch college football on a fall Saturday.

And I don’t care if they f*cking suck year in and year out. No one seems to mind being sh*tty at Kentucky or Purdue. Half of a successful program is fan support, and IU fans have proven over and over that they’re some lazy front-runners when it comes to rooting for their teams. Hey, didn’t we talk about this during basketball season too? Weird.

Look, I just want the damn fans at the damn football games this fall. It’s the greatest university in the world and it has really damn good fans. We just need more consistency from both the football teams AND the fans if we’re gonna ever get any respect in the Big Ten. I just want to win six games this year, man. Damn. Six games. So f**king leave the parking lot this year, IU fans! Timothy H. Tebow is that stuff annoying!

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