It’s Worse Than We Thought

August 18, 2009 – 12:31 pm by McD


It’s an old fan cliche to say that one is better than the current quarterback of one’s favorite college or pro team. Most of the time it’s sarcastic or simply said out of frustration, but in the case of the Syracuse Orange, it might actually have been true until Monday night.

That’s right, Orange fans, Greg Paulus has won the starting job with the Orange after just about a week of practice. In that time, he beat out a senior who was the returning starter at the position (Cam Dantley) and a somewhat promising sophomore who looked to have the edge coming out of spring ball (Ryan Nassib). My heart goes out to those two guys because damn is that embarrassing.

Syracuse might be the worst college program in all four levels of competition. It’s hard to picture…well, it WAS hard to picture before the last few years that Donovan McNabb’s mediocre alma mater would end up starting a kid who’s been playing college basketball for the past four years. Mind you, Paulus has been playing at Duke too; not exactly a football powerhouse. I’d sort of understand if he were at, say, Oklahoma where he could just walk over to Stoopsy’s office and get some pointers. But Greg Paulus hasn’t played competitive football in four years and he waltzed in and became Syracuse’s starting quarterback in around a week. Nice.

And relax, Hoosier and Boilermaker fans, quarterback is not a position of weakness at IU, so Paulus would not have won the job there. Um, right, Ben Chappell? Right? He might have won the job at Purdue though. Ol’ Joe Tiller forgot to recruit talent his last few years.

And when you google Greg Paulus, why is “Greg Paulus I Kissed A Boy” the first suggestion?

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