I Agree With Lou Holtz…Sort Of

August 23, 2009 – 1:33 pm by McD


Okay, not really. But I couldn’t let this humdingah pass me by. Dr. Lou has come out and said that Notre Dame will be in the BCS national title game, but because they have a really easy schedule, not because they’re really the first or second-best team. And I tend to agree with him that their schedule is a joke, which could make some over-inflated bowl berth a real possibility.

To wit: Notre Dame plays only three teams that will be any good at all in 2009.

Those teams are USC, Michigan State, and Pitt. Navy won’t be bad either, but they’re usually not a threat to the Irish, despite beating them recently. And even then, Michigan State and Pitt will be deeply flawed squads, which is a common theme among Irish opponents. Virtually every team on the sked has something horribly wrong with its roster or outlook for the season that lets the Irish be a serious favorite to win the game. Even USC isn’t on strong footing like they usually are. Purdue sucks at nearly all phases except running the ball, Nevada can’t play defense, Michigan will be better but still have very little talent to speak of, UConn lost Donald Brown, both Washington schools are awful, and BC has no quarterback.

There is a very real possibility that the first veteran Notre Dame team in years can have only one loss heading into December. If a few things go their way, and everyone losing a game isn’t like out of the realm of possibility, we really could have to deal with Notre Dame fan heading to the national title game.

That’s not the worst-case scenario, actually, because they’ll most likely get killed by whomever they would play in the mythical title game. The worst thing Notre Dame can do is lose twice but still make it into the BCS, possibly keeping a deserving non-BCS team out of the big money. Boise State just got a little tighter heading into their game against Oregon.

But Lou’s prediction is just another case of “hey if a few things go our way, we could be in this thing!” syndrome that afflicts every fan who has a halfway decent team. Notre Dame is going to drop at least two games it should win, along with losing by four touchdowns to USC. My money is on Michigan State and Purdue. Yeah, sure, the Irish are returning a ton of veterans all over the team, but those same kids were losers for the last three years, and there’s no indication that changes just because they got a year older. Don’t get all excited just because Lou Holtz popped off, Domers. For you guys, 9-3 isn’t a disaster.

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  1. 3 Responses to “I Agree With Lou Holtz…Sort Of”

  2. Are you kidding? 9-3 would be a blessing because we’d probably head to the Gator bowl, as opposed to being dragged into the Sugar or Fiesta bowls and getting curbstomped by some conference champion. I wouldn’t actually expect them to lose to Purdue, but they’ve had recent history of choking at Stanford late in the season. That’s the game I’m looking at that will trip them up.

    By Matt J. on Aug 23, 2009

  3. They might have the first schedule ever made up entirely of trap games. And USC. Yeah, 9-3 would be amazing for them.

    By McD on Aug 23, 2009

  4. Losers for the past two years. ND was 10-3 in 2006 even if they did not have any big wins that year. It just seems like three since they were so bad the last two.

    By Bob on Aug 25, 2009

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