Holly Valance Picture and Today’s Links

August 17, 2009 – 3:33 pm by Ryan Phillips


Holly Valance is bringing you the links because she’s hot and it’s wet outside. Or something like that.

Oh God. Come on, Jay Glazer. Don’t bring Brett Favre back up – Fox Sports

Little bastard. I’ve never caught one – Busted Coverage

Did Brendan Haywood just call Stephon Marbury gay? – Sports Radio Interviews

Whitlock is so dead right on this it’s ridiculous, if a little offensive – Fox Sports

Carlos Zambrano is lazy? That’s un-possible! The guy is such a physical specimen – Chicago Tribune

Jee-tuhhh is now a record-holder for something or other. I don’t know – New York Yankees Blog

What would have been bigger Watson at the British or Yang at the PGA? – Waggle Room

Yeah, whatever, he’s still fired after they win seven games this year – Strait Pinkie

The Mayfields are an awesome story and just getting awesomer – Deadspin

Yes! – Sharapova’s Thigh

Gina Carano lost? WTF? – Awful Announcing

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