Why Is This A Controversy?

July 24, 2009 – 11:37 am by Ryan Phillips


For the past two days ESPN has been all a twitter over the fact that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow wasn’t a unanimously selected first team preseason All-SEC. Except for the brief few hours where Mark Buehrle’s perfect game was the lead story, the headline about Tebow’s “snub” was all over ESPN’s front page.

Why? Seriously, who cares?

Here are my two questions:
Was Tebow selected to the first team? Yes.
Is it really that ridiculous to think that someone might possibly put together a year statistically comparable to Tebow’s? No.

Though Steve Spurrier has since admitted his mistake of not putting Tebow on the first team and tried to rectify the situation, it still doesn’t make this any more of a controversy.

The witch hunt that went on yesterday to figure out who left Tebow off the first team was ridiculous. Lane Kiffin of Tennessee and Nick Saban of Alabama both had to come out and declare that they had put Tebow on the first team. Then Kentucky coach Rich Brooks, Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson, Dan Mullen of Mississippi State and Arkansas’ Bobby Petrino all issued similar declarations. Then Georgia’s Mark Richt and Mississippi’s Houston Nutt felt compelled to say they also voted for Tebow.

Who cares? It’s the freaking preseason All-SEC team. PRESEASON! None of the players selected have done anything to warrant being picked for any team yet.

Is Tim Tebow one of the best players in college football? Undoubtedly. With another great season will he be considered one of the best to ever play at the collegiate level? Definitely. Should anyone care if he’s unanimously selected to a preseason team? Hell no.

These coaches can use their votes however they want. If they think there’s an outside chance that someone else might have a better season than Tebow, then they should select that guy. Hell, on a significant number of draft boards Mississippi’s Jevan Snead is listed as the top quarterback likely to enter the 2010 Draft. So we’re to believe there’s absolutely no chance he could possibly, in some universe, have a comparable season to Tebow?

Sure I guess Tebow should have been unanimously selected based on his past performance, but I just don’t get why there was so much outrage because he wasn’t. Yesterday they spent literally half of College Football Live discussing which coach they thought may have “snubbed” Tebow.

Pat Forde even wasted time writing a column about it. Then went on the air to discuss the situation and Spurrier’s reversal.

Today Spurrier had to explain himself and call in to change his vote. Why? He messed up his preseason ballot, who cares? It should make us all chuckle and say “Oh well.” Not flip our fu*cking lids and start a mad rush to fix a grevious wrong that could change the fabric of society.

The thing is, I bet Tebow is smart enough to not even care. Why would he? Again, it’s a preseason team that means absolutely nothing.

The obsession with all things Tebow has seriously gotten out of hand. What’s next? A grainy video of him naked in a hotel room curling his hair?

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  1. 2 Responses to “Why Is This A Controversy?”

  2. Now that ESPN is totally in bed with the SEC, this is the start of the dance to get Tebow a crapload of hardware after the season.

    Tebow is a great representative of the league and the WWL will give him as much face time and pub as possible.

    We call this “The Charles Woodson corollary.” You know, when Peyton Manning should have won the Heisman and it went to Woodson instead because the WWL had been lobbying for Woodson.

    The SEC would really like a Heisman winner and the WWL will help them anyway they can.

    By Chip Ramsey on Jul 24, 2009

  3. I also get the feeling that they might have pushed it in hopes that it was Kiffin who left him off. Then they could have run another several days worth of stories about how he is trying to get under the Gators’ skin.

    By Pablo on Jul 25, 2009

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