Welcome To Manchester, Carlos!

July 26, 2009 – 6:54 am by McD


Man do I love soccer rivalries. Not only do they often make things like Cowboys/Redskins look like a Twitter-fight, sometimes they allow for wonderful, wonderful moments like the above billboard. This would be so much funnier if Manchester City weren’t the richest club in the whole, entire world. And yet, the following things about this are still hilarious:

  • That’s Carlos Tevez, one of several new signings by City, on the poster. That anyone would want that mug on a billboard that size is awesome.
  • Man City signed Tevez away from Manchester United, even though Man U really wanted to keep him.
  • Manchester City is the only soccer club in the Premier League that’s actually in the city of Manchester.
  • United play in Trafford, a suburb of Manchester.
  • This sign actually prompted Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson to call another club (!) arrogant.

And I quote: “City are a small club with a small mentality. Arrogance comes in lots of different ways. They have had a problem ever since I came here — Manchester United. They think taking Tevez away from United is a triumph. It’s poor stuff.”

Friends, sometimes there just isn’t a proper joke to be made when something this ironic comes along. I’m overloaded. I don’t really know what to say. Really, Mister Alex? Really? Why even respond to this at all? It only gives City fans the idea that they’re still an insurgency against the Evil Big Red Machine instead of just another wealthy club with the money to transfer in whomever they please.

But wow, Man U calling another club arrogant. That’s just too fantastic. I’m sure my next post is gonna be about how Real Madrid think Barcelona is spending too much money, or how Urban Meyer thinks this oldie but goody is over the top for promoting a star quarterback.

Keep it up, City. Even if you’re only the second-douchiest club in Greater Manchester.

Even more hilarious update: Mister Alex is saying recent Man City signing, Emmanuel Adebayor tried to come to United instead of City. You know, because that matters now that he’s already signed with the Sky Blues. No bitterness here at all. Nope. None at all.

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