Today’s Twitter Athlete Round-Up

July 20, 2009 – 10:48 am by TheBaker

shaq-twitterLike it or not, Twitter is here to stay. I mean, even legitimate journalists have resorted to using the 3rd grade level social networking site as sourced material. So just imagine what us basement-living, Funyon-eating bloggers can do with it!

Twitter, while 98 percent annoying, has its uses. I mean, I think its cool that we can track what athletes are up to and what’s going on through their heads. They just should be careful. Ask Houston Dynamo and U.S. National team forward Brian Ching, who was fined $500 by MLS for criticizing a referee on his Twitter page. 

So, here at Rumors and Rants we’ve combed through the Twittering drivel of athletes to bring you the best, the worst and the bizarre (thanks Ron Artest). And we’re not editing. So if it looks retarded, don’t blame us – remember, they are athletes. 

Shaquille O’Neal – if terrell owens could do it, so can I, lol , laugh people laugh
July 19, 8:40 p.m.

In reference to T.O.’s VH1 reality show poster. Except for Sacramento Kings fans, how could anyone not like Shaq? And like T.O., Shaq will be getting his own TV show too.

Andre Berto – All of my real boxing fan if u want to know what’s really going on about my  next fight? Well Shane wants me to fight him for peanuts, not… 
With that said some fighters have a really funny way of they don’t want to get there ass smashed lol
July 19, 5:45 p.m.

I love it. Usually the most entertaining part of boxing is the pre-fight banter we get at the press conference announcing the fight when the two fighters chirp back and forth at each other. Now, they’re Tweeting. Berto, the WBC Welterweight champion, has been tipped as a potential next opponent for WBA Welterweight champion Shane Mosley. Mosley dominated Antonio Margarito in his last fight, but that wasn’t enough to entice the sport’s top star, Manny Pacquiao, to give Mosley a shot. Instead, Pacquiao is lining up a bout with Miguel Cotto. Now, Mosley thinks a title unification fight will have to do. But he wants a 75-25 split with Berto (26-0, 19 KOs). Both share a birthday (Sept. 7). Mosley will be 38. Berto will be 26. Apparently, Mosley thinks he’s the draw. Berto knows better. 

Nick Barnett – Wow true blood is like soft porn lol
July 19, 9:30 p.m.

I agree, and I don’t dissent. 

Chad Ocho Cinco – Headed to the club, yall get ready yo party with me. Twitt picturing to the fullest at it’s best!!
Not strip club people, regular club
12:00 a.m. July 20

It’s to dark to twitt pic, sorry folks, just saw Megan Good and my ninja Thomas Jones!
1: 00 a.m., July 20


@chrisjohnson28: bra, I am in the club in Miami thinking of ways to run routes on different coverages, straight up!!
3 a.m., July 20

Chris Johnson – @OGOchoCinco – I’m thinking of celebrations for all these TDs I’m bout to score any ideas
3 a.m., July 20 (in reply to OGOchoCinco)

Jeff Fisher just shat himself.

Visanthe Shiancoe – Watching judge! She doesn’t play..dont come in the court room with any nonsense. She definitely will make you feel DUMB as rocks!
1 a.m., July 20

While Ocho Cinco was clubbin’ in South Beach, Minnesota’s starting tight end was watching “Judge Judy,” where Judy “brings her trademark wit and wisdom to the widely successful series that takes viewers inside a television courtroom where justice is dispensed at lightning speed.” It must suck to be a tight end.

Ron Artest – If Serena & Venus are really sisters, they musta been siamese & connected by the ass at birth. Doc was just drunk & couldn’t do it even.
My new name for Venus & Serena is The 18 Sisters…cause you put Venus on left & Serena on right and they lookin like a 1 & a 8.
July 19, 10:45 p.m.

Per usual, we agree with Ron

Terrell Owens – is it ‘just’ me or do u hate whn u say good nite or u’re goin 2 bed & sum1 asks u another damn question? lol!
July 20, 3 a.m. 

What, like “Terrell, do you want another sleeping pill?”

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  1. One Response to “Today’s Twitter Athlete Round-Up”

  2. Wow, I don’t even know where to start. Your T.O. comment at the end might have been a low-blow, but appropriately so.

    Everything I hear about Artest makes me like him more.

    I actually am not a big of Shaq’s humor anymore, it feels like he’s trying too hard, especially through twitter.


    By Pablo on Jul 20, 2009

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