The WNBA: It’s (paid off) Faaaannntastic

July 23, 2009 – 3:37 am by Hickey

wnba-logo1Now into its second decade of existence, the WNBA constantly begs the question, “How in the goddamn hell is the WNBA into the second decade of its existence?”

The once-marquee franchise of the league, the Houston Comets, no longer exists. Not because they moved or anything. They just flat-out folded.

Because no fans actually pay to see WNBA action, several teams in the league have resorted to selling ads on their jerseys for revenue. Hey, whatever it takes. If people actually showed up, there might be an uproar.

Of course, we cannot blame the good efforts of the players on the floor for the fact that no one shows up. For instance, if you had wanted to attended Wednesday’s game between the New York Liberty and Chicago Sky, you probably could have found some pretty good seats considering tip-off was at 11:30 a.m.

11:30! On a fucking Wednesday morning! And this isn’t just some isolated incident. Today’s Indiana-San Antonio game also tips off at 11:30 locally. What the hell kind of audience are you going to get with that? (Chicks who would be watching soap operas instead… on second thought, maybe that isn’t such a bad idea on their part).

But lest we doubt the health of the WNBA, the good folks of Tulsa have the league talking expansion. On Wednesday, the league president was in town to meet with some business leaders who are interested in putting a team in Tulsa. There was even a press conference to talk about the whole thing.

And this is where things get truly hilarious.

Outside of the arena was a guy who was apparently a big WNBA fan, and even came with a sign supporting a team for Tulsa. But according to Our Guy in Tulsa, Thporth, there’s a reason you won’t find a picture of said fellow in the newspaper.

When asked if he had been paid to stand outside of the arena, the WNBA “fan” replied: “I’m not at liberty to say.”

So there you go. Someone — we’re not sure whom — is paying some guy to pose as a WNBA fan. The true mark of a healthy and thriving sports league.

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