January Jones Picture and Today’s Links

July 30, 2009 – 3:02 pm by McD


Mad Men comes back August 16. Apparently January Jones’ real first name is, in fact, January. Can’t her parents see she’s traumatized?!?!?

Is anyone really surprised by this? – New York Times

Apparently Simmons was – Twitter

Just for Brett: ten songs to get over those retirement blues – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

So does this mean there’s a sportswriting job open? – Fanhouse

No sports guy on PTI after all? I know Phillips is upset about that one – Awful Announcing

I’m gonna call shenanigans on Tiffani Thiessen being too busy for a Saved by the Bell reunion – Blog of Hilarity

The world’s fastest expert minesweeper is by far my favorite – Strait Pinkie

I mean sure, a team trading their first ever draft pick is a big deal. But it’s just Emeka Okafor, people. Doesn’t end the world – Amphibious Sports Duo

Mascot vs. Fan – Busted Coverage

The best NHL goalie masks ever (’67-’82). The one from the guy on the Seals is sweet – Sports Illustrated

Apparently, Brian Urlacher did not say what everyone believes about Jay Cutler – Chicago Tribune

Speaking of Chicago, I know some Cubs fans on this here site that will definitely not be watching this – Big League Stew

This had better be a fucking rumor or (another) prank from Sunderland – NUFC Blog

Kevin Costner fends off a cougar on the golf course. And btw, Roy McAvoy’s swing doesn’t look all that good anymore – Devil Ball Golf

I have no idea how this was even possible, but I guess Arturo Gatti did it himself – Deadspin

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