Hot, Wet MLB Trade Deadline Rumors

July 20, 2009 – 5:37 pm by Ryan Phillips


Nothing gets the over-the-top sports fan going like the crazy rumors that start flying around as Baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline approaches. Oh God it’s incredible. So much information, so many possibilities, look at that guy’s WHIP! I want him, why can’t we get him?!?! Uh, I think I need a minute to compose myself. While I do that check out the latest gossip from around the league.

Latest On Halladay
Peter Gammons is saying the Los Angeles Dodgers have joined the hunt for Roy Halladay but they aren’t willing to trade any of their top young players to get him. So, yeah, Halladay won’t be a Dodger. ESPN does say that the Dodgers had similar restrictions last year but still managed to get Casey Blake and Manny Ramirez. But there will be far more takers for Halladay, so I doubt they can work out something without parting with their top young talent.

Halladay impressed yesterday against the Red Sox, as he tossed a complete game, while allowing one run on six hits and no walks and striking out seven. He’s now 11-3 with a 2.73 ERA. Scouts from the Phillies, Brewers, Rangers and Dodgers were in the house to witness it.

Right now the Phillies are the odds-on favorite to get Halladay but that could change at any minute.

The Rangers Are Looking For Pitching
Today the Dallas News has a list of potential targets the Texas Rangers could try to trade for, and it is lengthy to say the least.

They list Halladay, Zack Duke, Doug Davis, Cliff Lee, Ian Snell, Jonathan Sanchez, Matt Capps, Rafael Betancourt, David Weathers, Jon Rauch and Dannys Baez.

So is there anyone they’re not interested in?

Penny Done With Red Sox?
In Buster Olney’s blog today he says the Boston Red Sox will soon have a surplus of starting pitching. With Clay Buchholz throwing well and Daisuke Matsuzaka showing progress in his rehab, Brad Penny may soon be expendable.

Rumors have swirled about the Red Sox wanting to jettison Penny since very early in the season because they simply have too many starters. Boston doesn’t want to go to arbitration with Penny in the offseason so they’ll likely part with him for relatively little in return.

The Brewers appear to be the most likely fit right now, as they are in the market for the second-tier starters like Penny and Jon Garland.

Livan Hernandez To Play Infield?
The New York Mets are so ravaged by injuries that manager Jerry Manuel is considering using pitcher Livan Hernandez at first or third base as a fill-in. Manuel told the New York Post that he was completely serious when discussing the possible move.

Sanchez And Wilson Done With The Pirates?
It looked like Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson were off the trade market as recently as a few days ago, that has changed. Contract negotiations between the Pittsburgh Pirates and both players have completely broken down. General Manager Neal Huntington told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “That time hasĀ  come and gone.” He further stated that both players thought Pittsburgh’s offers were very light in both years and dollars and that in his mind negotiations are at a standstill.

There is significant interest in both players around the league, so expect them to both be moved before the deadline if contract talks don’t heat up again very soon.

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