Camilla Belle Picture and Today’s Links

July 29, 2009 – 4:01 pm by McD


Camilla Belle is newly single. Game on for other, non-happily-married bloggers!

Remember how the Brohm family all basically started working for the Louisville football team? Yeah, not anymore – Strait Pinkie

Carlos Boozer makes a lot of money, but he spends a lot of money too – Bootlegger Sports

It’s a ridiculous lawsuit, but honestly, what the fuck was the coach thinking? – Busted Coverage

I’m really linking this because that picture of Braylon Edwards in the Ohio State jersey cracks me up – Cleveland Frowns

I heard that this other dude heard that this other dude heard that Brian Urlacher thinks what everyone else thinks about Jay Cutler – Midwest Sports Fans

I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’ – Thunder Treats

Defending Erin Andrews – Babes Love Baseball

I only sorta/kinda remember those shoes – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

The hell is up with Miguel Cabrera? – Detroit 4 Lyfe

Um, dude, you’re a bit late with this take – The Boston Globe

The obvious is happening, Fedor is coming to the UFC – LA Times

The top ten worst injuries and excuses – Fantasy Pros 911

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