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July 1, 2009 – 1:22 pm by McD

Something a little different with the link dump today. I’ve linked every blog in our blog roll that’s still posting regularly. That’s right all of them. In alphabetical order. So please read them because it took me ninety fucking minutes to do this whole thing.

Well if Charlie Batch said it…. – Fanhouse

Mariotti said something stupid? Impossible – Awful Announcing

Carlos Beltran is okay? Like okay okay? – Babes Love Baseball

So wait, why weren’t the Rockies playing solid, fundamental baseball for Clint Hurdle, exactly? – Baseball Musings

Can Joe Mauer hit .400? Nah – Bugs & Cranks

Women’s tennis or porn? Now THAT’S a question – Busted Coverage

210 “What the fuck were they thinking?” tattoos – Coed Magazine

Hell, I might fly all the way to Washington just to thank Tony Romo for fucking up my 2008 fantasy football team – DC Sports Bog

Can Xavier Henry do that? – Dan Shanoff

Hey, Soderbergh, you made the “Ocean’s” movies. Stop pretending you’re an artist – Deadspin

You suck random French rugby player – Deuce of Davenport

Skin that smoke wagon, lane – Every Day Should Be Saturday

The top 2009 NBA free agents. And it ain’t a pretty list – Empty the Bench

Holy jeebus that’s amazing – Epic Carnival

Extra Mustard has been very gracious about linking us, so I’m linking to it – Extra Mustard

Turns out major leaguers don’t really want to play for Lou Piniella. In other news, Seinfeld was a funny sitcom – Foul Balls

2009 Dallas Cowboys preview. They’re fucked – Gridiron Experts

MoJo Drew or Chris Johnson? – Double Coverage

Turkoglu to the Blazers? Great. Just great – Hoops World

Five reasons baseball should show people running on to the field – Hugging Harold Reynolds

They still ran the ads with Billy Mays in them? Creepy – I Dislike Your Favorite Team

Fire Lou Piniella! – Jay the Joke

Brandon Jennings ain’t doing so well…still – Joe Sports Fan

These are painful to watch, but always funny – Josh Q. Public

I’m so glad I’m taking the season off from fantasy baseball – KFFL

I know they’re on break this week, but this was one of my favorite reads of last Friday afternoon – Kissing Suzy Kolber

Nice shirt, AJ – Ladies…

I mean, why the fuck else would he look at Ryan Langerhans? – Larry Brown Sports

Baltimore’s stealth ROY candidate – Mister Irrelevant

“He’s got something to prove. Something personal. Something guys like coach will never understand.” World, meet my new pre-sports inspiration tape – NESW Sports

Sweet – on 205th

Olivia Wilde is fun. – Sharapova’s Thigh

Adios, Michael Curry – Sportable

I would imagine that Bryce Harper is going to jump the shark very shortly – Sports Agent Blog

Some one needs to get Brandon Marshall out of Denver. If nothing else because it’s a stupid ass story – The Big Lead

So Boston may have blew a big lead last night. People who hate them seem to be taking it in stride – The Big Picture

The Marlins are gonna start their new stadium anyway, damnit – The Biz of Baseball

Actually, the Cubs were scouting Pedro’s midget friend – The Cubs Brickyard

That’s why they’re the Raiders – The Hater Nation

This post hits me way, way too close to home – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

Tour de France jerseys explained by Spencer Hall – The Sporting Blog

It was hard to get Lions’ tickets at some point? – The Wayne Fontes Experience

I call it the GREATEST gymnastics routine ever – The World of Isaac

Wait, what? – Uncoached

So the Indians are kind of in bad shape at the moment – Waiting for Next Year

Wanna gamble? Go here – Wise Guy Action

I agree with the title of this article wholeheartedly – With Leather

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