You Suck, Tim Sylvia

June 14, 2009 – 11:32 am by McD

You know who’s pissed about Ray Mercer’s nine-second KO of former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia (I mean, other than Sylvia himself)? Fedor Emilianenko. Because now his own quick submission of Sylvia doesn’t look nearly as impressive as it did at the time. Dana White has to be laughing his ass off, though. Or maybe it just shows how weak the heavyweight division used to be in the UFC.

What’s that you say? You have no idea what Mercer/Sylvia fight I’m talking about? Watch, my friend:

Apparently, that massacre was supposed to be a boxing match until a few days before the fight, but it was switched to MMA rules. Seems like it was a favor to the already-overmatched Sylvia. Dude came into the fight weighing 311 pounds and ended up eating some very hard punches from Mercer.

Sylvia, who you may also know from only the greatest performance of Randy Couture’s career at UFC 68, seems to have some questions to ask himself about the direction his career is heading. Getting his ass kicked by Fedor is one thing, but this was a circus bout and he still got his ass kicked. He and Wanderlei Sylvia are both 33 and are probably washed up. I know for a fact Silva will fight again (probably at 185), but this could be it for Tim Sylvia, unless he feels like fighting on Saturday nights at random country and western bars.

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  2. Who cares if it doesn’t look as impressive for Fedor, I guarantee Fedor himself would be down as well from that hit!

    But I doubt Fedor would be stupid enough to stand with ray like silva did(ugh and look at his guard and shape, I don’t think Tim has any passion and barely trains anymore even before his fedor fight, and this is cooming from someone who doesn’t hate on tim.. or any MMAist).

    Also look at Ray’s fight with kimbo, that’s what happens when you put a boxer with no ground game or take down defense, Fedor would submit his ass and silva would have done the same if he was smart and didn’t strike!(Ray was bitching about expecting the fight to be a striking match in elite, I kid you not)

    By etrghetrh on Aug 29, 2009

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