You Have Two Choices: Superman Or The Crap On Superman’s Boot

June 18, 2009 – 11:38 am by TheBaker

bawamuniruAs an Indiana University graduate and fan, I frequently visit,’s IU affiliate. The site goes hand-in-hand with Inside Indiana, a magazine devoted to Hoosier sports.

While Rivals’ sites serve a purpose for providing all sorts of recruiting information and daily content on your favorite university, I’ve learned over the years the writers for these sites are nothing more than cheerleaders.

It took me three years of reading articles on how good IU’s football team was going to be, to throw in the towel on taking what these guys say as anything credible. But like I said, I’m a fan, and I need an outlet for fandom.

I used to be a premium Rivals member, but now I just use by buddy’s account. He’s overseas in Iraq, so I keep him posted on what’s happening in the world of IU sports through bi-weekly e-mails, so he doesn’t have to sift through all the needless info on how a 7-footer from New Mexico would be open to the idea of listening to IU, but hasn’t heard from them in three months (Q: Why is that important? A: It’s not.)

So I log on this morning and read a profile on incoming freshman Bawa Muniru. Muniru is one of six recruits that have Hoosiers’ fans thinking of a quick turnaround from the worst season since Seasons 2 through 10 of “Friends.”

He’s 7-foot and 255 lbs. Basically, he’s a beast. Not much has been seen of Muniru because he’s relatively new to the country (by way of Ghana), though he’s been to at least three high schools in his brief Stateside experience. He played for small Christian schools in Alabama before transferring to Tracy McGrady’s alma mater, Mount Zion in North Carolina.


While interning at The Birmingham News, I’m pretty sure I saw him play as a freshman for Madison Academy in the Alabama high school state championship in 2006. I mean, how many 7-foot Africans are there in Huntsville, Ala.?

But back on point. So Mike Pegram, or “Peegs” as his readers call him, wrote about as much as you can on Bawa. He’s big, has a chiseled frame and a decent stroke, though he might have suspect hands and slow feet.

Then it came time for “Player Comparison.” Here’s what the venerable Peegs wrote:

“This is a hard one to answer but my best guess is a cross between Dwight Howard and current Hoosier Tijan Jobe. Maybe halfway between both today.”

Hmm, so you’re saying he’s somewhere in between Superman and the worst college basketball player I’ve ever seen. That’s like saying a chick is somewhere between Bar Refaeli and Rosie O’Donnell. Completely retarded and unhelpful.

In case, you don’t know Tijan Jobe (and you shouldn’t), he might be the worst scholarship basketball player in history. My friend, a Purdue grad, laughs uncontrollably when Jobe plays. It’s not funny, it’s sad. In his first season, Jobe recorded more fouls than points scored (15 to 10). He travels when securing a rebound. His screens, which you would expect would be stout for a 7-foot, 255 lb.-giant, are nothing more than token shows. I can set better picks with my 5-foot-5, 130-lb.-frame.

Jobe’s career highlights include “playing seven minutes against Northwestern State and snaring a rebound.” Snare? Really? I have more snare in my broken headphones.

So Tom Crean’s incoming 7-footer might be akin to the No. 1 overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft or the biggest waste of $64,808 (two years of out-of-state tuition to IU).

Yeah, that was helpful. Thanks, Peegs.

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  1. One Response to “You Have Two Choices: Superman Or The Crap On Superman’s Boot”

  2. is a cross between Dwight Howard and current Hoosier Tijan Jobe?

    That might be the funniest thing I’ve ever read. There are really endless analogies for this (a cross between last year’s Steelers and Lions? Abe Lincoln and GW Bush? Grey Goose and Kamchatka? Larry Bird and Daniel Moore?)

    Anyways, I hope Bawa really is somewhere near the middle of that comparison rather than the much more likely chance that he is Jobe 2.0

    By Pablo on Jun 18, 2009

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