The Babe’s Laughing, Brandon Jennings Is Dumb And Riggs Vents On Portis

June 19, 2009 – 11:35 am by TheBaker

babe_ruthSometimes, a good low blow is warranted. Say, when you swindle the American baseball’s hopes and dreams during that special 1996 Summer. Or if you’ve just been a really disappointing NBA (supposed) player. Perhaps you couldn’t make the grade, so now people assume you’re dumb. Or then again you might just be an old school dude unimpressed with the likes of Sherrif Gonna Getcha and Dr. I Don’t Know.

Either way, we all love a good potshot. Here are some of today’s best (and worst):

From Neil Hayes, Chicago Sun-Times.

“Sosa was (McGwire’s) sidekick. In history as well as crime. The player who generated some of the greatest moments in Cubs history is no less guilty because it took him longer to get caught. Not since Joe Jackson has an athlete who took us to such heights stooped to such depths.”


“(Babe) Ruth is probably up there laughing and patting his stomach. It’s amazing that despite all their nutritionist, trainers and personal chefs, those four (McGwire, Sosa, Barry Bonds and Alex Rodrgiuez) had to resort to the equivalent of performance-enhancing jet fuel to do what a big-bellied, skinny-legged Ruth did on hot dogs, beer and Bromo-Seltzer.”

From Peter Vescey, New York Post.

“By the way, it may interest (Isiah) Thomas to know Eddy Curry has four years of college eligibility. After taking a hard look at his NBA career, the NCAA has determined Curry never really played professionally.”

From Bob Kravitz, Indianapolis Star.

“And then there are moments when (Brandon) Jennings, who bypassed college to spend a year playing pro in Italy, looks like all that style has left substance behind, when his decision making is beyond regrettable.”portis


“First, this presupposes he could have gotten into college, and that’s hardly a guarantee given his test scores. (Maybe Derrick Rose’s buddy could have lent a hand, and a No. 2 pencil.)”

From John Riggins via Mark Maske, Washington Post.

“(Clinton Portis is) already a headache. You mean is he going to get worse? I don’t know. I said at the end of the season and I believe that unless he changes the way he views himself and views his contributions to the team, then I think that that could be problematic for the Redskins. It’s a bad situation, created probably by the people who run the team, that he’s been allowed to take the course that he has.

“I don’t think there’s any turning back now because obviously to a certain extent Clinton Portis has the team over a barrel from my understanding of the amount of money that he’s owed, guaranteed money that becomes really cost-prohibitive to get rid of him over a (salary) cap issue. There’s not that many teams that would be interested in Clinton Portis, I don’t think, and so they have a bad situation on their hands. (That’s) my personal take on it.”

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  1. 2 Responses to “The Babe’s Laughing, Brandon Jennings Is Dumb And Riggs Vents On Portis”

  2. First of all, babe ruth can’t afford to be laughing at anything, he was a massive alcoholic and a gambler, so stop making him out to be god, last I checked hank aaron was the real homerun king, stop using ruth as the standard of excellence because he’s not, 2nd. john riggins needs to sit down and shut his dumbass mouth, he’s been too quiet so I quest It’s time that he get some publicity, any team would want clinton portis, thats just built up hate that he has for portis, speaking from plain jealousy, he had his time, here he Is speaking about clintons behaviour, but listen to his ranting, he’s just a hateful old man, and how many more times do we have to put up with you judgemental racist putting down black players, now Its their SAT’s, peter vecsey Is always talking what his dumbass doesn’t know, I’m so glad they took his sorry ass off the major circuits, sleep on that klan members!!!

    By Dennis on Jun 20, 2009

  3. Ummmm, huh?

    By Phillips on Jun 21, 2009

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