Tale of the Tape: Donavan Tate vs. Tate Donovan

June 11, 2009 – 10:52 pm by Ryan Phillips


On Tuesday evening during the 2009 MLB Draft, an incredibly confusing event transpired. With the No. 3 pick in the first round, the San Diego Padres selected high school outfielder Donavan Tate. For the rest of the evening, on several Web sites, the pick was listed as: Tate, Donavan. I got a call from The Baker asking me why the Padres had spent a draft pick on the guy from Love Potion No. 9? Funny guy.

With that in mind I decided to stack these two guys with (almost) identical names up tale of the tape style and see who we’d rather have on our team.

Vital Statistics
Donavan Tate: Center field prospect from Catersville, Georgia. Right handed all the way around, 18-years-old, 6’3, 200 lbs. Regarded as the best athlete in the 2009 MLB Draft.
Tate Donovan: A confirmed bachelor and ladies man, this 45-year-old actor has been working steadily since 1984.
Advantage: Donavan Tate

Known For
Donavan Tate: Selected with the third overall pick in the 2009 MLB Draft by the San Diego Padres.
Tate Donovan: Space Camp, Memphis Belle, Love Potion No. 9, The O.C.
Advantage: Push

Donavan Tate: 2008 Aflac High School All-American and played on the United States Under-18 team last summer. Hit .525 this season, with a 1.000 slugging percentage and a .788 on-base percentage. He finished with 32 home runs in his high school career.
Tate Donovan: Lauren Graham, Whitney Allen, Sandra Bullock (in her prime), Jennifer Aniston (in her prime).
Advantage: Tate Donovan

Donavan Tate:
Has five of them and they make scouts drool. Also starred on the gridiron, finished No. 83 on Rivals’ list of the top 100 high school football players for 2009. That was good enough to earn him a scholarship to North Carolina to play both sports. He also brings the oft-overlooked, but equally important, sixth tool of maturity/personality. A great kid with tons of potential.
Tate Donovan: Has mastered the sarcastic, cocky, wise-cracking male needed in most romantic comedies. Went through a period where he experimented with a dark and brooding personality in independent films but it didn’t take. Is also self-deprecating and incredibly charming, evidenced by his close friendships with celebs like George Clooney and the laundry list of actresses he’s bagged. But he’s never developed into the A-list actor many expected him to become.
Advantage: Donavan Tate

Stain(s) On Resume
Donavan Tate: Advised by Scott Boras
Tate Donovan: The Pacifier, Ally McBeal
Advantage: Tate Donovan

College Choice
Donavan Tate: University of North Carolina
Tate Donovan: University of Southern California
Advantage: Tate Donovan

Donavan Tate: Thinking of ways to spend the expected $6 million-plus bonus he’s likely to get.
Tate Donovan: Plays Tom Shayes on the FX drama Damages.
Advantage: Donavan Tate

Near Miss
Donavon Tate: Turned down football offers from USC, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Miami and Michigan.
Tate Donovan: Was a finalist for the role of George McFly in Back to the Future.
Advantage: Tate Donovan

Verdict: 4-3 Tate Donovan

It was close but the 45-year-old Lothario comes away with a victory. Therefore, it’s official: We’d rather have Tate Donovan than Donavan Tate right now. Maybe in a few years, as the young phenom makes his way through the Padres’ system, we can revisit this debate. For now, Tate Donovan wins.

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  1. 2 Responses to “Tale of the Tape: Donavan Tate vs. Tate Donovan”

  2. How is Memphis Belle a push? Advantage Tate Donovan. Amended score 5-2. Tate in a blowout!

    By TheBaker on Jun 11, 2009

  3. The O.C. and Love Potion No. 9 bring him back to the pack.

    By Phillips on Jun 12, 2009

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