Paul Konerko Should Probably Stop Talking For A While

June 18, 2009 – 12:44 am by Ryan Phillips


So we all know Sammy Sosa has (finally) been outed as a steroid user. We’ve all known he used ever since he forgot how to speak English during that famous congressional hearing in 2005. No one was shocked by the revelation that Sosa tested positive in 2003, and reaction to Tuesday’s New York Times story was almost universal throughout baseball.

Or it seemed so until someone asked White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko what he thought about the report. Konerko said he needs to see more evidence. Apparently Sosa’s ridiculous physical transformation and gargantuan features aren’t enough to convince him. In his mind there are “only two ways this becomes a story.”

“Put your name behind it. Put your face out there and tell people who you are. Or, Sammy’s going to admit to it and that’s what happened in the Alex Rodriguez thing.”

Konerko also says he doesn’t think the names of players who tested positive in the initial round of steroid testing in 2003 should be made public.

“When two sides sign a contract, usually you try to uphold it.”

I’m going to give Mr. Konerko a little piece of advice here: Paul, dude, shut up. Don’t say anything about steroids. You’re a power hitter who broke into the league in 1997, if you don’t want people digging around in your past, just be quiet and let someone else toe the union/company line.

Not to go all Jerod Morris on you, but you hit 24 home runs in 1999, 21 in 2000, 32 in 2001, 27 in 2002, 18 in 2003 (when you battled injury), then jumped to 41 in 2004 and 40 in 2005. Now I’m not even remotely suggesting that you used steroids Paul, not at all. But a pattern like that is sure to get people looking into your past and frankly, you don’t need that.

We all knew Sosa used. And the reaction from clean players should be outrage, not disbelief. Be mad not at the people leaking the tests but those guys who cheated the game, baseball history, the fans and the players who did things the right way.

The sooner players like Konerko stop acting that guys like Manny Ramirez and Sosa testing positive is a shock, the sooner the Players’ Association will catch up to the rest of us on this issue.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Paul Konerko Should Probably Stop Talking For A While”

  2. What are the chances Konerko is on the 2003 list? Again, not to be accusatory, but if he was I imagine he would react something like this. He seems pretty concerned with whoever is leaking names and what it means for the players named…

    By Pablo on Jun 18, 2009

  3. Another example of money not able to buy brains. Of all pro athletes, I nominate baseball players as the dumbest.

    By LR. on Jun 18, 2009

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