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June 16, 2009 – 4:27 pm by McD


Bryce Harper is doing what now? – Big League Stew

Since Joe Buck has already sold out multiple times, what do we call this fake controversy involving the premiere of his HBO show and Artie Lange’s appearance on it? – Deadspin

Your grades after the 1-3 US loss to Italy at the Confed Cup. Oh, and fuck you Giuseppe Rossi. Traitorous fuckhead – Soccer by Ives

Who’s got the more bullshit schedules, the Big Ten or the SEC? Trick question. They both schedule in a way that basically amounts to cheating – Dr. Saturday

I think this article says something important about the baseball draft. There’s lots of charts and numbers and stuff – The Baseball Analysts

They didn’t have this shit at the baseball card store back in the day. The one universal thing about baseball card stores: the counter guy is always a dick – Devil Ball Golf

The worst offensive series ever. And I mean EVER – Every Day Should Be Saturday

Hey, whaddya know? Dana White was brutally honest with the press – Cagewriter

What’s wrong with Johan? Because, you know, no one ever has bad starts – Sharapova’s Thigh

An even better statistical way to make fantasy owners want to kill themselves all over again as a result of Johan Santana’s last start – The Hardball Times

Not to go all Jim Rome on you, but here is a video of soccer fan “supporting the team” – Sports Rubbish

Paying homage to all the old-school “sports toys” – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

Braylon’s unspecified injury explained – Cleveland Frowns

Finally, a gambling site that gives me something to do between games – Cuzoogle

Josh Powell “earned” his NBA championship – No Guts, No Glory

Clay Zavada, a moustache you should get to know – More Hardball

After the jump, a “tribute” to Entourage. Not really, College Humor is just making fun of it for being repetitive and inane. (Thanks WWTDD!)

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