Katrina Bowden Picture and Today’s Links

June 25, 2009 – 12:09 pm by McD


It’s the very last Katrina Bowden Thursday for a while because, well, we’ve run out of new pictures of her. So come on, pervy men’s magazines that are actually run by gay men, take more racy pictures!

Apparently there’s a movie about LeBronĀ  growing up that’s coming out soon and it looks really good – Stylecaster

What the fuck did I just watch? – Friends of the Program

Speaking of baseball, here’s why the Cubs won’t win the NL Central in 2009 – Midwest Sports Fans

Lorenzo Neal was the right choice for the all-decade team, I don’t care what Bucs fan says about Mike Alstott – No Guts, No Glory

THAT’S Leyton Hewitt’s wife? He’s not even good! – The World of Isaac

Congrats to Louisiana State for winning the CWS. Now party like a faux-hawked toddler – Busted Coverage

Jeffrey Jordan is done at Illinois – With Leather

Twitter fight! – The Score

This is a ridiculous way to find out you’re not being traded – Sharapova’s Thigh

I so agree with number one on the 10 Douchiest Michael Bay Scenes list. Horrible, horrible director. Horrible. Still not as bad as Brett Ratner though. That guy’s movies make an argument to make the entire film genre illegal – Epic Carnival

Thank Jeebus for photoshop – Cuzoogle

Cleveland fan likes the Shaq deal, overall, but not so much Bill Simmons – Cleveland Frowns

A coach fined himself 10K for a drunken night out. Why are Aussie sports so much more interesting off the field than ours? – Sports Rubbish

To brighten your day with just hours to go before the draft: The Len Bias Tragedy – The Blue Workhorse

Hey Marlon Byrd, wtf? – Josh Q. Public

The radar guns at baseball games are off? I don’t know how to feel about anything anymore – Sparty and Friends

Brock Lesnar: built like a black man – Amphibious Sports Duo

I don’t know who Elliot Williams is, but I bid him farewell – Ballin’ is a Habit

Wait, that actually happened? – I Dislike Your Favorite Team

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