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June 12, 2009 – 12:39 pm by McD


More preposterous, unsubstantiated shit about baseball players – More Hardball

Was ESPN fair to that one dude who said that stuff about Raul Ibanez? – Cleveland Fowns

Know who else might be on steroids? – Big League Stew

Possible careers for Manny Ramirez – Fantasypros 911

Calling bullshit on the “ball beat the runner so he’s out” fallacy. I love this site – The Legend of Cecilio Guante

The Diamondbacks’ Chris Young is, in fact, the worst every day player in baseball. I know, I thought it would be a Padre too – Sports Rubbish

Urban Meyer Buildin’ Character – ESPN

Brian Vickers doing…whatever the hell this is – From the Marbles

The Sex Cannon is coming to Houston! – No Guts, No Glory

Nicole LaFosse: The Kige Ramsey of the NHL. Who’s Kige Ramsey? She must be hot – Busted Coverage

I haven’t linked to it, and I’m too disgusted to post about it, but yeah, Cristiano Ronaldo AND fucking Kaka are on Real Madrid now – I Dislike Your Favorite Team

Big names in the draft who are still deciding whether to stay in school or get drafted at the end of the first round – Ballin’ Is A Habit

After the jump: I mean who would have thought Pedro Martinez would still be available? Guys in my league are so stupid….That’s right, more greatness from Global Sports Fraternity

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