Katrina Bowden Picture and Today’s Links

June 18, 2009 – 1:31 pm by McD

Katrina Bowden

I’m linking this because it’s reminded me how good a decision it was to not play fantasy baseball this year – Midwest Sports Fans

What the fuck? That’s gotta be edited – Epic Carnival

What’s downhill bike racing? – With Leather

Some douche on Sunderland gets a chick like this? You gotta be kidding me – The Spoiler

The San Diego Chicken gets paid – Outside the Boxscore

An interview with Paul DePodesta – The Baseball Analysts

Nice gift from Lamar Odom – Lake Show Life

Some one saved Tom Brady’s life? Oops – Style Points

After the jump: Tourette’s Umpire. Hah! But no, it’s a serious problem.

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