Janoris Jenkins is a Very Smart and Well-Adjusted Young Man

June 1, 2009 – 12:59 pm by admin

janoris-jenkinsJanoris Jenkins must be a pretty tough guy.

He did, after all, a start 12 games as a freshman cornerback for the University of Florida football team.  Seems like they won a few games last year. Turns out he is also able to withstand the punishment of a Taser and still manage to run away from the cops.

Like I said, tough guy.

Gainesville police arrested Jenkins over the weekend on misdemeanor charges of affray, whatever that means, and resisting arrest after he was involved in a fight.

Turns out Jenkins was scuffling “with about five other people” when the cops showed up and told them to stop fighting. Nobody listened (genius). Then the officer drew his Taser and told the group to stop again. At that point, Jenkins hit another person in the head and the officer Tasered the soon-to-be sophomore.

After the Taser blast Jenkins managed to get up and run away (another smart decision) before being arrested a couple blocks away.

Why would these troubled youths be fighting at 2 a.m. you ask? Jenkins thought the others were trying to steal his chain. Of course.

Well, all I can say is the last time somebody tried to steal my chain it got ugly too. Oh, wait, maybe these guys are just idiots.

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